I'd like to experiment with stop motion. It's best to use tethering so avoid having to touch the camera to capture. I know the sx520hs does not support wireless but it does have a mini usb port for transferring. Does anyone know if the sx520hs supports tethering via mini usb? What software would work to do tethered capture?


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It's difficult to say 100% for sure (absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence, after all), but apparently no, the SX520HS does not support tethering.

  1. It doesn't show up in any list of cameras that TetherTools has solutions/support for. While they aren't exhaustive of all cameras that support tethering, their list is very broad.

  2. This Reddit thread indicates that there isn't even a remote shutter trigger option available, let alone tethering.

  3. This Canon Community thread, while not authoritative from Canon itself, says the same thing as the Reddit thread — there is no remote trigger available.

Based on the lack of even a remote shutter trigger (which might actually be enough for stop-motion purposes) and lack of TetherTools support, I seriously doubt the camera supports tethering.


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