I'm having fun with making time-lapses and I'm using Darktable for color correction. The problem I have is that for the scenes like a sunset where the beginning and the end of the time-lapse are of different exposure and color, I want to apply a different formula in Darktable.

This causes an issue since there will be at least two sets of images with different styles applied to them. Such a setting will result in a jump from one color correction to another when the time-lapse images are converted into a video. What I think is the right approach is to ask Darktable to make a transition from one style to another, starting from the beginning of the image list, heading to the end.

Is there any way I can accomplish this using Darktable? What are my solutions in general?


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Since I didn't find a way to do that with darktable, I developed a script to use darktable-cli and to interpolate between darktable's parameters:


It's not much but it does the job (at least for me).


I can't answer your question for Darktable specifically , but in general you need software that allows for the creation of keyframes and the interpolation of parameters between those keyframes.

The only software that I know that does this for RAW photo files is LRTimelapse (no affiliation). It is used in conjunction with Lightroom, but as it alters the sidecar xmp files perhaps it can be used with other RAW editors as well.


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