I bought myself my first film camera, and I am wondering if Minolta Hi Matic 7 will take pictures without a battery.
I wonder, because I've seen posts that say some film cameras don't really need batteries to work. I want to know if my Minolta Hi Matic 7 is one of those. Thanks in advance.


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No, it doesn't require batteries, although there are drawbacks to using the camera without them.

The battery powers the camera's light meter. This means you will not be able to shoot in auto without a battery. You could shoot manually, but this would mean metering must be done either by guestimating, using the sunny 16 rule, or by the use of an external light meter.

You are right some cameras do need batteries to function properly. The similar Yashica Electro 35, for example, will shoot only at 1/500th if left without batteries. This Yashica can't be used to shoot manual (it lacks a shutter ring).

Enjoy your new camera!

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