I have a large number of rolls of undeveloped 35mm file (over 100). What are some places I can find that will develop these for a reasonable price, and ideally digitize them for online download at the same time? So far the cheapest I have found is York Photo, who will develop the film + 1 set of prints for $4.50 (includes S&H) + $1 to digitize the photos. But I have no idea of their quality.


Currently (July 2010) in the UK:

  • photo express develop & scan 35mm or APS to 2048 x 3072 on CD for £4.50
  • Metro Colour Lab develop & scan 35mm to 4MB on CD for £6.50 or £7 for 18MB
  • peak imaging develop & scan 35mm to 1800 x 1200 on CD for £6.96 (or more for higher resolution)

Certain Costco locations do develop & scan (3000x2000) to CD for ~$5. You'll have to call to see if one near you provides it.


All very cheap, although I prefer Target.


Go to CVS! Very easy and the price is right. They always have deals on developing.


I've used these guys and was very pleased with the service: http://www.northcoastphoto.com/index.html

(They are also recommended here by ken rockwell)

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