I have a local dog website and I'm adding a gallery section where people can submit their photos of their dogs.

I'm going to ask them to let us know where the photo was taken. And to confirm that it is their photo and they are happy for us to repost it.

The photos will go on our instagram and facebook place. I'd like to tag people it in somehow, with their Instagram, are there such things as facebook tags? I also don't knon how to word the question so that everyone understands the question:


Location of photo:

Any notes:




Please confirm that you have permission for this photo and we are able to re-post this: (Tick Box)

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Welcome to the community, Stephanie! Questions about running a photography business are welcome and on topic here, but questions about using photographs in your marketing model are usually a better fit for expertise elsewhere.

In your case, you need to explore a couple of topics in other places:

  • Copyright: You should speak with an attorney in your local area so that you understand exactly what your photo submission site's terms and conditions should say. It's a risk to your business to use a submitted photo to promote your business without any sort of legalese protecting you. I can't promote this enough: speak with an attorney!
  • Marketing/Design: Speak with marketing and web design experts for the layout and wording of your promotion. Search for other businesses doing the same thing for additional ideas.
  • Web Development: Yes, it is possible to have the photo streamed to your facebook page and to have a person tagged. There may be Out-Of-The-Box apps that do this for you, or you may need to hire a web developer to build this functionality into your site. Either way, you need to seek a Web Dev for insight.

Web Development & Design: It's possible that the above two bullets can be found within the same agency.

Should you ever have a question about producing photographs - you've found a good place for that.

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