There was another similar question out there and one of the responders commented there was and he got his camera body replaced. I've been having the same issue with my new nikon just bought in January. Nikon wants me to send the body and lenses in to have it "looked at". I can't afford to go without the camera while they mess around with it.Does anyone have ideas as to how I can get this remedied better, quicker and without losing a camera?


I do not know how it is with Nikon, but with Canon (at least in Europe), there are certain certified repair shops that you can take your camera to and they will repair it. If it is an issue that is covered by the warranty, then they will charge the manufacturer, not you.

This could still take weeks, but if such a repair shop is in your vicinity, it might be faster than shipping everything over to Nikon.

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    If it's a matter of lost income, you could also try to negotiate a loaner for the period it would be away.
    – Tetsujin
    Mar 28 '19 at 7:44

this may seem dum but I don't know how you are using the gear..so for what it's worth: 1. Are you switching the lenses while camera is powered OFF? If so, it is correct. This procedure should NOT be done while camera is ON.

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