I built a homemade flash diffuser from paper:

Flash diffuser 1

Flash diffuser 2

It diffuses the flash, while at the same time directing much of it to the direction of the subject. Of course, some flash power is wasted by lighting up the ceiling (the paper transmits some light through), but at least there's some directionality.

It achieves excellent results (on the left, with diffuser, on the right, direct flash):

With and without diffuser

My question is, are there any similar diffusers commercially available? Of course I don't mean an exact replica built from paper, but rather a more durable diffuser that achieves the equivalent functionality and is somewhat directional like my DIY diffuser.

By a diffuser, I mean something that can be used on the camera and something that is so lightweight it's feasible to carry it and the camera around. Of course, with an off-the-camera flash, you can use umbrellas, but they are too large to be carried around.

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    That reasonably low, white ceiling you have there, I'd use that. If more consistent brightness from top to bottom of the subject is necessary, I'd try one of those white walls. – null Mar 14 at 20:18
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    There are boatloads of them. Just search for "flexible flash diffuser". You'll get foldable ones. White-lined. Silver-lined. All kinds. – scottbb Mar 14 at 20:41
  • Actually, some umbrellas are small enough to be hand held. – junkyardsparkle Mar 14 at 21:28

One (long lived and low tech, probably will be there in 10 years) product often misused as a flash diffuser is the IKEA "Regolit" lampshade and comparable ball-shaped paper lampshades. Also nicknamed "chinese ball" when used for that purpose.

Rather omnidirectional - stuff a sufficiently strong wireless TTL flash in a Regolit, hang that setup somewhere in a room, and you can basically forget about it and still get surprisingly many flash photos just right.

  • This seems to be a reasonable option, similar to bouncing flash from the ceiling. However, it obviously doesn't work well if doing outdoor shooting, for which my paper diffuser and the diffuser in the downvoted answer are better. – juhist Mar 18 at 13:34
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    For outdoor shooting, the problem will be lack of bounce surfaces ... you'd need a much larger diffuser then. Waiting for snow and then shooting upside down might help. – rackandboneman Mar 18 at 13:41

I found one such modifier that seems to be of high quality and is similar to my DIY paper one: MagBounce. It is attached via magnets to a flexible band that fits around most flash heads.

There are some videos about the MagBounce:

  • This seems kinda spammy: you ask a question about whether there are any flash diffusers on the market, when a simple search will turn up dozens and dozens of them, and then you find one in particular and post a bunch of videos about it. Do you have any affiliation with MagBounce? – Caleb Mar 18 at 12:38
  • 1
    No affiliation whatsoever, other than ordering their product which hasn't arrived yet. – juhist Mar 18 at 13:31

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