I upgraded to the Canon M50 firmware 1.0.2 two weeks ago.

Since yesterday, here are what challenges I'm facing:

  • Can't switch from Manual or any other mode to Video mode.
  • Video mode is activated only when mode dial is set to Video before flipping power on
  • Other than main start/stop recording button on top, no other button works, literally. Pressing any of the buttons does not work. Only on/off and shutter/start/record buttons work. Thus, I can't even get to menu to go settings and reset the device

Recording and picture taking also are locked at the last set settings I used, because I can't change anything.

Screentouch doesn't work. Buttons don't work. Camera almost like a brick point and shoot camera.

I am hoping to downgrade to the 1.0.1 and see if there'll be any difference. Except, I can't even get to the Menu to apply the firmware.

Is this something of a software bug? Or is it hardware related?

Camera hasn't fallen or hit anything.

Will appreciate any hints or workarounds.

  • Since DuckDuckGo-ing EOS M50 firmware problems & eos m50 buttons do not respond do not bring up anything, I would bet on either a faulty firmware flash or a hardware defect. IIRC, you can also flash the firmware via EOS utility on your computer - you might want to try that. Oh, and backup your images from the cam's SD-card ASAP! – flolilo Mar 2 at 21:34
  • @flolilolilo good to know about the EOS utility. Will try that. Thanks. – Rexford Mar 2 at 21:50
  • 1
    @flolilolilo I downgraded and upgraded. Issues persist. At this point I think it's a hardware malfunction, albeit a very very weird one. – Rexford Mar 3 at 17:56
  • Did it ever have contact with salt water? – flolilo Mar 3 at 17:58
  • 1
    @flolilolilo Not really, unless taking it close to the sea-side counts as contact with salt water. To the best of my knowledge, no kind of water i.e salt water or any other kind, has come in contact with the camera. Not even a single drop of water has touched this camera since I bought it, literally – Rexford Mar 3 at 20:40

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