i created an image with my own iPhone app. The image is in .heif format and it contains the depth map. (i know this because the Photos app recognizes it) I now downloaded and installed imagemagick. and ran the following command:

magick identify -verbose orginal.HEIC

This shows me only three channels (Channel 0, Channel 1, Channel 2). I guess these are the rgb colors of the image.

How can I access the depth data of this image?


I don’t know about using ImageMagick itself, but ImageMagick relies on libheif, and if that’s installed, e.g., with brew install libheif, then the heif-convert example program will do this.

# heif-convert IMG_0123.HEIC blah.jpg
File contains 1 images
Written to blah.jpg
Depth image written to blah-depth.jpg

Good luck ! Without developer accees snd signing a non disclosure you wont get aceess to the IP

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  • @RomeoNinov - this is an answer, it just says that it isn't possible because of IP restrictions not allowing the functionality to be added to imagemagick. I can't speak to the validity of the answer, but it's certainly an answer.
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