In the past two weeks, I have had three different SD cards corrupted in three separate devices (one a Nikon DSLR, another lumix video cam, and a bush/trail cam)

I understand the causes of one becoming corrupt, but for three, across three different devices (the video cam stopped working while out shooting a gig), the Nikon DSLR card corrupted once in the card reader, but it happened another time while actually taking photos, the trail cam, I just brought home and went to view images and same thing)

Could it be the card reader itself? (though that does not explain the corruption/error message occuring while out at other locations taking photos) The SD cards are all San Disk ULTRA so not exactly cheap ones, and with storage of 16gb, and some at 32 Gb.

I'm really at a loss to understand all of them corrupting, and now feeling very nervous about important shoots coming up. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions?

(I do format the cards regularly in their respective devices, and do not delete images using the computer, only the device itself)

  • How old are the cards? How heavily have you used them? – Please Read Profile Feb 20 '19 at 12:36
  • Since there are many variables, it is almost impossible for us to tell what (if anything else than cards corrupting because of age and wearing out) component is failing. What card reader are you using? Do you use the "safe ejection" mechanism of your OS? Were the cards only used in one cam each (e.g. card A alsways in the cancorder, card B always in the camera,...)? – flolilo Feb 20 '19 at 14:31
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    Can you exclude the possibility that the whole batch of SD cards is counterfeit in the first place? Happens, even with reputable sellers.... Do you have any yet-unused cards from the same batch? – rackandboneman Feb 20 '19 at 15:28
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    If you're having problems with lots of cards suddenly, it could very well be the reader. Some USB readers have notoriously buggy firmware. Have you tried using the camera itself to read them, to see if the images really are corrupted? – dgatwood Feb 21 '19 at 6:46
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    Possible duplicate of Why do photos get corrupted on PC hard disks? – xiota May 22 '19 at 6:13

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