I would like to buy a lens for my Nikon D500 or maybe another small camera just for travelling. I looked for Tamron 18-400 lens and Sony RX100m6, but I can't decide. As I saw, Sony has the advantages that is very small and lighter compared with my Nikon D500. What I'm afraid, is regarding the photos quality and I will need to change/charge the batteries very often. I started to look for Tamron 18-400 which I saw that is weather sealed compared with Sony which is not. What you would recommend me between these 2 options? Thank you.

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    Look at what you're in need of, is weight at issue? will you be doing photography in the rain? are you concerned over battery usage? - answer these questions and you'll find your answer. – Matthew Jan 22 '19 at 10:53
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    It's also worth noting that "superzoom" lenses such as the 18-400 are generally regarded as poor performers. There are too many trade-offs in designing such a lens. "Jack of all trades, master of none" – osullic Jan 22 '19 at 11:26
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    @osullic Jack of all trades, master of one. Those superzooms make damn good paper weights. – OnBreak. Jan 22 '19 at 21:30
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    Andrei, when I went to Iceland, I brought my entire kit: FF camera, tripod, 16-35, 85, 70-200, 100mm filter kit..because I wanted to get awesome shots of the aurora, waterfalls, sunsets, etc. When I went on cruise, I took an Olympus Tough. Very, very different scenarios and needs. Saying "travel photos" really doesn't provide any information for the type of shooting you want to do while away. Please provide much, much more info about the types of photos you want to get and what your constraints are. – OnBreak. Jan 22 '19 at 21:35
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    Super zoom lenses are way better than some years ago. Many opinions about super zooms are still based on the poor performance of the early lenses of this kind. I saw a newer one and the quality is way better than some normal zoom lenses of 20+ years ago. sure they are not as good as new primes and big standard zooms, but still not just paper weights. Espacially for traveling a light always on lens is a very good thing. Sure not the best but still not crap af. – Horitsu Jan 23 '19 at 6:27

I really love my Tokina 11-16

Rule #1 to being happy on location: Don't leave the lens you love at home.

I'm very much surprised with this perception of <'caveman voice'>urgh. change lens bad. you miss shot<'/caveman'>. You have an interchangeable lens camera because you've recognized that purpose built lenses perform better than do-everything lenses.

I mentioned in the comments my last trip. Here's how it broke down:

  • 16-35 f/4 + 100mm filter kit: Landscapes, cityscapes, general touristy shots
  • 85 f/1.2: portraits, aurora, telephoto touristy, anything at night
  • 70-200 f/4: daytime touristy, hiking/wildlife (this trip really wasn't about the wildlife, else I would have brought a 400)

The 16-35 lived on my camera most of the time followed by the cannonball. I didn't miss a shot because of a lens change. This is a fear that people have that I've found is rarely justified. You're not shooting a wedding - you're traveling. Take your time. (Or, use a hip/messenger bag for lens swaps. Don't worry about caps, your lens is tougher than you think. Detach, toss in bag, grab, attach, shoot.)

Also - I too did some bus tours on this trip. It wasn't an issue even setting up a tripod and taking ~5min exposures. Get to know your bus driver (I found out mine was a photographer on the side) - they do have a schedule to keep but they're human too and will give you an extra moment or two if you need it.

Yea, I know I didn't answer your question. It's because I disagree with the fundamental premise. If you really want a superzoom or a bridge over maximizing your photographic opportunity, then more power to you. But, I can tell you that personally, there's no way I could have walked away from Iceland satisfied had I only brought a superzoom. But, to each their own.


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