I took some photos of the moon last night. I wanted good color without a lot of noise, so used ISO 100 and a long exposure (10 seconds with a 400mm lens). I have a good tripod and head and used a 2 second shutter delay so that I wasn't touching the camera. This has worked great for me for terrestrial shots in the past, but the earth turns enough in 10 seconds to give the shot a very directional blur. Oops!

I'm familiar with Sharpen, Unsharp Mask, and similar filters. I'm specifically wondering how to sharpen only in one direction. Like a sharpen filter where I specify an angle and a length. I know the earth makes an arc, not a line, but a line would be close enough to fix this.

Also, I run Ubuntu 18.04 Linux. I normally use Darktable and Gimp, but can try other things or an online service. It does not have to be free. I just can't use Windows-only or Mac-only software.



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