I purchased these Savage 2000W LED lights and like them, but the description says that light modifiers can be attached using a Bowens Speedring Adapter. Where can I find this adapter? I have searched everywhere but it seems that every adapter is made for a specific light and I cannot find one for this particular Savage light. I contacted the Savage company but they refuse to reply! So now, I have beauty dishes with no way of attaching to these lights, which really do put out a lot of light. Does anyone know something more about these lights than I do, and can help me resolve my problem? Thanks!

  • ... ah, 2000W equivalent :) Was thinking, 2000W optical output from LED lights would indeed border on the uncivilized.... Jan 16, 2019 at 19:00

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For a better answer, see if you can find the specific model numbers for both your beauty dishes and lights. I'm assuming you have the "Savage 2000W Location LED Light Kit" with model number "LED2000K." From what I can tell, these lights already have a built-in Bowens S-type mount. Therefore, any S-mount speedring, such as this, should fit.

Note that speedrings are only required for certain types of light modifiers, most often softboxes; some beauty dishes require you to purchase a speedring and others have the mounting portion built in. In the former case, your concern then becomes finding the right Bowens-compatible speedring to fit your brand of beauty dish, rather than your lights.

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