I have a brand new Canon M50 camera. When I look through the viewfinder to take a picture, there is a 4 digit number in the bottom right hand of the screen. Right now it is 2909. I have only taken 1 picture with my new camera. So, what is that number?


If it looks like this:


it is the estimated number of remaining shots your memory card has unused space to store with the currently selected settings.

If it looks like this:


it is the estimated amount of video recording time, in minutes and seconds, that your memory card currently has remaining room to record.

Normally this information is displayed near the top left corner of the viewfinder. However, you can use the menu to choose which informational items are displayed (and which are not). How to customize the 'viewfinder display format' is covered on the page with the heading 'Customizing Shooting Information Display' in the EOS M50 User Manual

enter image description here

If you are using the INFO Quick Control Screen, the lower right corner has the estimated remaining number of images the card can hold displayed there.

enter image description here

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