I'm using a Nikon D3200 for a short stop motion video. The scene 2-d, some colored elements on a plain white background. The AF finds it hard to focus so I've switched the lens to manual focus, but the AF still tries, and tries, and tries to focus. So I used the menu to switch the buttons to AF-ON, and now I can take a shot without the camera hunting for focus. It seems weird that I should have to set 'AF-ON' to get AF to stop hunting. But there we are and I've got a bigger problem.

I can take a shot using the finger button, but that shakes the camera even though it's on a tripod. It's really visible when I put the shots together in a single video. So I tried using an IR remote which works :-) Sometimes :( Most of the time I get the same hunting behaviour as without the 'AF-ON' set.

The behaviour I want is to be able to use the IR-Remote, so I don't shake the camera, and for it not to hunt for focus even though I've got the lens set to manual and the camera set to manual.

What do I need to set to do it? Or should I give up with the IR control and just use a cord connected shutter release?

  • What specific lens are you using? Give the entire lens name please. Something like 18-55mm is not enough, as there have been many different 18-55mm F-mount lens models produced over the years. – Michael C Jan 10 at 4:27
  • It's a kit lens that came with the camera. The details on the side are 'NIKON DX, AF-S NIKOR 18-55MM 1:35-5.6 G II' and 'Nikon DX SWM ED Aspherical infinity - 0.28m/0.92ft o 52' – John Small Jan 11 at 9:00
  • But I don't think it's the lens that's the problem. When the camera is not in remote mode it just takes a shot regardless of focus or lighting. It's when I switch it to remote mode it starts hunting for focus. Because I've got the lens switched to manual focus it doesn't move the lens, it uses the light to illuminate the subject and whirrs for a bit, and then gives up without taking a shot. – John Small Jan 11 at 9:08

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