PLease can anyone help me finding professional for duplication photos? I dont know what or who to search for or the proper title of the job.

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  • Find a pro to help you take new photos that look like old ones? Or find a pro to duplicate existing prints? – Hueco Jan 4 at 18:39
  • ... find a pro to duplicate existing prints – Mimmi Jan 4 at 18:42
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  • Search for a local professional photo lab. For example, Tempe Camera an Tempe, AZ. Find something similar in your area and take the prints to them. – Hueco Jan 4 at 19:09
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    Everyone jumps to close questions here. This seems like a fine question to me. Someone needs an explanation of what's involved in duplicating (and maybe digitally restoring) photo prints and how to go about getting this done. And that isn't on-topic?! – osullic Jan 5 at 11:07

Assuming your prints are large-ish (such as wall-framed prints), search for something like "print photo scanning service". Not all photo printers have the ability to scan large prints, but shops that can scan large prints usually are capable of reproducing those large prints.

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