Forgive me if these kinds of questions are not permitted here, I have no local photography experts/shops so am left with very few options...

I am currently in the process of upgrading all of my camera equipment in preparation for my next African safari trip in a month. I have done a lot of research, however, before I purchase each of the items, I would really appreciate another person's opinion on my proposed selection.

Update - the reason I am looking to upgrade my equipment is a) my current equipment is very out of date, and b) I would quite like to move to Nikon lenses instead of third party brands such as Sigma, Tamron...

Just a few notes before I list my equipment;

  • Most pictures will be taken whilst in a game vehicle (i.e. no tripod, only monopods and freehand).
  • I will be photographing wildlife, the occasional critter, and the occasional landscape
  • I can afford to spend around £3K (approx $4k), but cannot really afford to exceed this unless absolutely necessary.

Old Equipment

  1. Nikon D90
  2. Large Zoom - Sigma 150-500mm (see here)
  3. Small Zoom - Tamron 55-200mm (see here)
  4. Macro Lens - Sigma 105mm (see here)
  5. Wide Angle Lens - Sigma 10-20mm (see here)

Proposed New Equipment

  1. Nikon D500 (already purchased, exclude from budget)
  2. Large Zoom - Nikon 200-500mm (see here)
  3. Small Zoom - Nikon 28-300mm (see here)
  4. Macro Lens - Nikon DX Micro 85mm (see here)
  5. Wide Angle Lens - not upgrading
  6. New - Teleconverter - Nikon TC-14E (see here)

Does anyone have any alternative recommendations or is the above a good selection?

In addition, I have never found the need, nor would I deem it considerate to the animals, to use a flash. However, are there any circumstances whereby a flash would be appropriate, and if so, should I upgrade my old SB-600 speedlight? I was looking at the SB-700 or the SB-5000...

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    Indeed, questions of this sort end up usually closed, but not before someone usually throws in an answer. However, nowhere in this question have you explained your reasons for the lens swaps. We can’t assume what’s important to you. – Hueco Dec 27 '18 at 18:41
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    "stabilisation has come a long way over the past few years" This is true, but you haven't explained why stabilisation is important to you. "I would like to use Nikon as opposed to third party brands as I understand they specifically designed to work with Nikon cameras." This is also true but it doesn't mean that the lenses are any better, and certainly not better value for money. Unless you understand better why you're upgrading, don't spend any money. – Philip Kendall Dec 27 '18 at 19:37
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    Hi Ben, welcome to Photo.SE. I voted to close this as too broad. I think you potentially have several decent questions here. For instance, I think the combination of D500 + 200-500mm + TC-14E III for wildlife (particularly birds in flight) is worthy of its own question alone. Generally, "what do you think of my kit bag" (either current or proposed) -type of question doesn't work so well in the Stack Exchange Q&A format. That's not saying they're all verboten — certainly, asking if a particular kit is good for wildlife is on-topic. But we're veering into the realm of too many tangents, IMO. =) – scottbb Dec 27 '18 at 20:23
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    @scottbb - Thank you very much for you response, that makes perfect sense. I'll leave this question open overnight on the off chance that someone has begun answering but will delete it tomorrow and ask the questions individually. :-D – Ben Carey Dec 27 '18 at 20:32
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My 2ct, instead of the 28-300 and the 85 micro, I would go for the Nikon 70-200 f/4 for excellent image quality in that range. Take your current macro lens along for the occasional macro shot if you think you need it. You can do without the 20-70 range on safari.

Flash is not useful for animals that are far away, it might come in handy if you want to do a lot of macro shots.

  • Thank you very much for your answer, that actually makes sense, especially as the teleconverter is 100% compatible with the lens you have suggested, unlike the 200-500mm one where it is only partially compatible. You are also right, I don't need anything below 100 when on safari, and if I do, my existing lenses will suffice I am sure. – Ben Carey Dec 27 '18 at 21:43

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