I'm having trouble with Darktable on windows, and I'd like to reset it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it seems to remember which photos I've been using still. Is there a config file I can delete?


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According to the documentation user settings are located here:


where [username] is your username with which you login in to your OS

Q: I read in the manual about changing some configuration setting, which supposed to be located in the user config directory. Where is the config file in the Windows version?

A: The configuration file of darktable is located at C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\darktable\darktablerc. If you change it please use a text editor which can handle Unix line endings, like Notepad++ or similar.

So to reset/delete all setting just delete this directory


This does not completely remove darktable. It leaves several registry entries which seems to be messing with my re-install. Now a newly installed copy of darktable still crashes during imports of raw files... Funny thing is the app works perfectly in Linux Mint 19.2.


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