What is the best way to downsample photos to increase sharpness?

If I have a photo in raw format with a resolution of about 24MP. How do I best downsample it to increase sharpness if I think the original is soft? I’m avare that this will reduce maximum print size for a given dpi but I am wondering what the best downsampling method is.

My intuition tells me that scaling down by an integer factor using area avarage probably is quite good but can I use more information to get even better results?

Can the knowledge of raw pixel values before debayering be used for example?

This differs from this (How to preserve detail when downscaling scanned photos?) question in that that question wants to preserv grain charachteristics which as far as I understand can be comparativly high contrast micro structure. While this question asks about how to increase sharpnes of soft photos (most likely from a soft lens) which is a more gradual smear.