I'm a nature photographer and want to know how to identify the plant or animal within an image.

eg Common name: Housefly Scientific name: Musca domestica

Into which fields should the data in bold go?

  • That all depends on who you intend to be able to use that information. If for a party other than yourself, you need to ask them specifically which fields they require/prefer. If for yourself it doesn't really matter, just do it the same way consistently. – Michael C Dec 6 '18 at 19:33

If you're software supports it, technically I believe you would want to look at the Darwin Core Taxon tags.

For just general usage, HierarchicalSubject would bet a good place. You can set up a hierarchy as simple as Common Name|Housefly and Scientific Name|Musca domestica or go full classification with Animalia|Arthropoda|Insecta|Diptera|Schizophora|Muscidae|Musca|M. domestica (Kingdom|Phylum|Class|Order|Section|Family|Genus|Species). You could probably find a Controlled Vocabulary that would have such things already set up for you.

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