I tried back button focussing with my nikon d3100 by going to the button section of the setup menu and pressing ok for the AF-ON button. I now want to return to autofoccusing with the shutter but don't seem to be able to. How do I do this?


The D3x00 range does not have a dedicated AF-ON button, so I presume from your description that you've enabled back-button focusing by assigning the AE-L/AF-L button to the "AF-ON" setting. When the AE-L/AF-L button is set to "AF-ON", the shutter-release button cannot be used to focus.

To reverse this, you will need to go back into the setup menu and use the "AE-L/AF-L Button" menu item to select a different action for the AE-L/AF-L button, which will re-enable the autofocus functionality on the shutter-release button. I believe the default setting for this button is "AE/AF Lock", but selecting any of the other AE lock or AF lock modes (i.e. anything other than "AF-ON") should also allow you to focus using the shutter-release button again.

This information can also be found on page 146 of the D3100 User's Manual.

Nikon D3100 user manual page 146 "Choose the roles played by the Fn and AE-L-AF-L buttons"

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