I recently change my settings on my camera to shoot in raw. Now I’m trying to download them to my computer and it’s saying there not accessible since they were shot in raw. And they will not download wirelessly on the Nikon app.


You CAN actually send the original raw files over wifi with Nikon Cameras. The transfer will take longer that tethered shooting thru a dedicated lan port. And you need at the computer ends an application that read raw files like Lightroom or Capture ONE and supports tethered shooting if you want to view the pictures.

You can even setup an FTP or SFTP server (on you Lan or Internet) to receive them.

Nikon D750: The user has to follow a process in the camera to select and push the selected photos to the computer over wifi. The process is explained in Pg. 270 of the user's manual (PDF download from Nikon).

Hope it helps.


Mostly it's not possible to transfer RAW Files via WiFi from your camera to another device, because the files are very large. For this reason, many cameras have the feature to take both file types, RAW and JPEG. Then you are able to transfer the smaller JPEG files for preview reasons to e.g. your mobile device. In post processing you are then able to edit the RAW files on your PC.

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