this is an issue that has only started showing up and seem to point towards something physically wrong with the camera/ hot shoe somehow. The problem is any flash that I mount on camera only fires on the first shot, and doesn't on any shot after. Turning the camera off then on again between shots is the only solution to use a flash currently, and it's obviously frustrating and not the most practical solution. Even then, the shot isn't properly exposed either. Same exact problem with both the Godox tt685f and the EF-X8.

Camera is in manual shutter and not ES, single shot mode and not in continuous or BKT mode, does the same thing in both manual and TTL modes, fully charged batteries in camera and flash, cleaned connector pins on camera and flash, flash confirmation on the left side of screen is visible (flash icon is not crossed out) so the camera knows it has a flash mounted. I haven't tried updating camera and flash firmware, in the case of the Godox. I also haven't tried using the Godox off-camera with a trigger yet.

I was using these flashes earlier in the year no problem which is the main reason why this all confusing and seems to point towards something broken in the camera somehow. Seems like something is stopping them from firing after that first shot. Just want to see if anyone has experienced this issue before, and has possible fixes before thinking about getting camera repaired. Completely baffled what is going on.

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    Did anything else change about the time the flash problem started? Camera firmware update? Some seemingly unrelated camera setting? Etc.?
    – Michael C
    Nov 10 '18 at 16:08
  • Nothing changed or updated since they were last working, or used, earlier in the year. Same firmware. Have tried flash again with wireless trigger, it still does the same thing and only fires on first shot and not on any shots after, doesn't expose shot properly either even when adjusting the power level on flash and camera. As far as i know I haven't touched any in-camera setting that could be affecting the flash, and have even done a factory settings reset. Turning the camera off and then on again after each shot is the only way to use a flash currently. It really does seem to be a camera pr Nov 17 '18 at 1:21
  • "I haven't tried updating camera and flash firmware" - What happens if you update all relevant firmware?
    – xiota
    Aug 14 '19 at 21:18

The recycle time on the ex-f8 is very long–about 3 seconds I think. Make sure your flashes are charged before firing the second time


I have an X-T2 as well and can't figure out any way to replicate this. As a last diagnostic step, try a settings reset (in the User Setup) menu. If the problem persists, I'm afraid you'll have to either live with it or send the camera in for service.

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