Can I disable the auto power off on my Nikon SU-800 so it stays on for longer? I need to use it in a different way.

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    You might want to ask the more specific question related to what you want to do, and why you think this setting might help. – user31502 Nov 5 '18 at 20:11

SU-800 go automatically in standby mode in two cases:

The SU-800’s auto power-off function and camera’s exposure meter-off function

With a camera body that is compatible wi th TTL auto flash, the SU-800 goes into standby mode when the camera’s exposure meter turns off. Without a camera body, if the SU-800 is not being used for approx. 40 seconds, the standby function activates and automatically turns the SU-800 off to conserve battery power. • No indicators are displayed on the LCD panel in standby mode. • When in standby mode or when the exposure meter is off, the SU-800 comes back on again when: The [ON/OFF] button on the SU-800 is pressed. The camera’s power is turned on

I did not find any way to change this behavior Reference SU-800 manual, page 57

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