I check my seetings only jpeg. It is not the duplicate problem whice have one jpeg and raw

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    Can you elaborate? What are three example files? Are they identical, or do the differ in exposure or other settings? (Do you have bracketing turned on?) – Please Read Profile Sep 12 '18 at 16:33
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    Is it possible you have it set for bracketing? Press the 'Bkt' button and rotate the main command dial until you '1F or similar in the control panel. See page 109 of your user manual. – BobT Sep 12 '18 at 16:34

You probably have auto exposure bracketing or auto white balance bracketing turned on. When any form of bracketing is enabled, the camera produces multiple images with different settings.

Most cameras take three images by default when bracketing is enabled. Some can take more than three, and allow the user to select just how many they wish to take, as well as how 'far apart' they want each version to be in terms of exposure or other settings, such as white balance or TTL flash power.

For exposure bracketing, the camera will activate the shutter three times to (normally) use three different shutter times.

For white balance bracketing, the camera will only operate the shutter once to expose the sensor. But then the camera produces three different JPEG versions of the image by applying different color temperature and/or white balance correction to the raw data collected by the sensor.

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