I want to upgrade my Canon DSLR to either a 50D or 550D. The only thing that I find really lacking in the 550D is autofocus microadjustment (AFMA), but there is free Magic Lantern software, which I do not currently use. If I ever need to calibrate a lens on the 550D, can I do so by installing Magic Lantern?

Note: This is not a duplicate of Can Magic Lantern provide AFMA on an EOS 77D? because the accepted answer there does not address AFMA at all and concerns a camera model for which ML is not available. ML is available for both the 50D and 550D.


Magic Lantern does not add AFMA to bodies that do not already have it with Canon's original firmware. According to Francis on the ML forums:

Currently there is no way to intercept or change the data sent between the lens and the camera. The TX chips are not well enough understood. Thus there is no way to fake lens data, no forced focus confirmation, no AF micro adjust, no anything that requires communication with the lens that is not already included with the Canon firmware.

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