I recently purchased a beautiful Hasselblad 503CXi and I am in love with it! However, the film speed selector is loose. Am I right in believing that the selector has no affect in normal (non-metered) operation of the camera? Does it only communicate with the flash sync cable, or does it also talk to a metered prism finder?

Hope this question is clear. Thanks.


The Hasselblad 5xx cameras are completely mechanical in operation. Every setting is set manually, mostly on the lens. The metering prism is completely autonomous - you have to set everything manually, even the speed of the attached lens.

The ISO selector controls only the TTL flash, and only for a couple compatible Metz flashes with special connector cables. So it is of very little use in most current use cases.

Assuming you are using the camera with a waist level finder and no flash the dial is just for show. It is even poor reminder of film speed used, as most people just stick the flap of a film packet to the little indicator window on the back of the magazine.

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