Can you tell me what camera would get me to take photos like these?

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In theory any camera would do, in practice what gives these pictures their specific look is a carefully set up lighting:

  • in the first picture the underside of the bars isn't in shadows, so there is some lighting from below
  • in the second one you can see two light boxes of two different colors reflected in the eyes

So you could need a complex lighting apparatus and a camera that can control it (a flash socket as a minimum, possibly a built-in RF transmitter or a master flash). The camera could be the cheapest part of the setup...


Pictures like that can be taken with pretty much any camera, including the one you probably already own on your phone. If you don't know what it would take to do that now, buying a new camera won't help.

I'd instead suggest a book like Michael Freeman's The Photographer's Eye — this will get you a lot closer than a new camera would.

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