enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here How does one get this effect in pictures. Is it a filter or photoshop


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The images were likely edited separately from each other because white balance, saturation, and contrast varies among them.

  • White balance, which varies among the images, can be controlled by adjusting temperature and tint. The first has a magenta cast. The second has a green cast.

  • All images appear to be underexposed, which can be adjusted by altering exposure or gamma.

  • Saturation can be controlled by adjusting saturation, levels, or curves. The second image appears to have had the greatest decrease in saturation. The third image the least.

  • Contrast can be controlled by adjusting levels, curves, or shadows and highlights.

  • Field of view and depth of field are controlled by choosing appropriate focal lengths and apertures. The images appear to have been taken at different focal lengths and apertures. If they were all captured with a single lens, a zoom lens with variable max aperture was most likely used.

  • The images have compression artifacts caused by saving with low JPEG quality settings.

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