I want to use the Nik collection for some editing I am doing. As I understand it, google made this collection free, and shortly after DxO bought it, it received some updates and a price tag of $70. The free trial would probably work, but it is not an ideal solution. Is there a place to find the older, free version of Nik collection? Also, would it even work with PS CC 2018?

  • Because the software is available from DxO, seeking to find where to find older or unsupported free versions is akin to being a "shopping" question.
    – scottbb
    Feb 22, 2021 at 18:25

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I downloaded this free version at the time it was made available. I learned about it through the "Photo Rumors" website. It looks like the official download links listed in the article there are still live...

Nik Collection now available for free | Photo Rumors


Old version is available on numerous file download sites I wouldn't trust - but found you can still get it direct from DxO:



There is a sad truth: If some company makes something freely available - unless it comes with a license that allows redistribution! - and ceases to do so, anything available on the internet after that time will be a bootleg copy in nature.

I am not commenting on the ethical issues/controversy.

Just be aware that sites where files that are legally in a gray or black area are offered, especially if that content seems to be monetized in any way (eg by banner ads), tend to be untrustworthy: Someone who doesn't respect intellectual property in order to profit from running such a site could potentially also be someone who doesn't respect the integrity of your computer or personal data if they can make a profit from not respecting it.

If nik (or a third party THEY (or a reputable publisher like a computer magazine) used to host their download link) still make it available for download even if it isn't advertised, that risk of course is not given. However, anything pointing to a generic file hosting service should be treated with suspicion.


Try this Older Version

In general searching for "older version of software installer" or "version x.x.xx version of software installer" will get you what you are looking for. There are other, less reputable ways of getting that software too.

  • See my answer for why this is an idea to be considered with caution. Oct 18, 2018 at 8:42

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