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Tokina Lenses

Tokina lenses use the following terms to indicate features of each lens:


  • VW~XYZmm: Focal length
  • f/x.y: Maximum aperture (or f/a.b-c.d for variable aperture zooms)
  • AF: Auto-Focus

Compatible Body Brands

  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Minolta/Sony
  • Pentax


  • AT-X Pro professional line (primes and constant aperture zooms)
  • AT-X consumer line (variable aperture zooms)
  • AS: Aspherical Optics
  • F&R: Advanced Aspherical Optics
  • SD: Super Low Dispersion
  • HLD: High-Refraction, Low Dispersion
  • MC: Multi-Coating
  • FE: Floating Element System
  • IF: Internal Focus System
  • IRF: Internal Rear Focus System
  • FC: Focus Clutch Mechanism (allows switching between auto & manual focus)
  • One Touch FC: One-Touch Focus Clutch Mechanism
  • FX: Full frame
  • DX: Digital (cropped frame)
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