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Top new questions this week:

Things to look for in a camera to match cameraphone image quality

I have a 10-year old "upper-entry" level DSLR. I am considering upgrading to a new camera, but I am interested in knowing what sorts of things to look for that will allow it to match the image ...

equipment-recommendation hdr telephoto panorama intervalometer  
asked by Michael 16 votes
answered by Hueco 41 votes

As a blind person, how can I better understand how wide or narrow a field of view is?

I saw this question but feel that it doesn't fully explain how this works. I am completely blind, so I am trying to come up with a tactile pictorial representation of how field of view works. ...

light wide-angle field-of-view camera  
asked by HeavenlyHarmony 13 votes
answered by mattdm 15 votes

Why are my sky photographs coming out dark?

When I take pictures of objects in the sky (aircraft, birds, etc.), I frequently find that the entire sky looks underexposed. I typically take such pictures in Program mode ("P"), because there is ...

dslr exposure  
asked by Michael 9 votes
answered by BobT 26 votes

Do any cameras have advanced auto-exposure algorithms?

Reading answers to Why are my sky photographs coming out dark?, I began to wonder: are all current autoexposure algorithms really so basic as to just measure the average brightness of the scene? It ...

exposure algorithms  
asked by jpa 6 votes
answered by xiota 14 votes

Photo Competition 2020-01: Portraits by candlelight

Theme Inspired by the question, Is it practical to shoot portraits by only candlelight?, the theme of this contest is straightforward: show us your best portraits that are lit only by candle light. ...

portrait candlelight photo-competition  
asked by scottbb 5 votes

How do I prevent hotspot reflections in portraits when using lighting modifiers?

I was hired to shoot red carpet style portraits when guests arrive at an event. I elected to use a Profoto umbrella (m- white) with their diffuser added, and two flash units on the only umbrella as ...

lighting portrait lighting-modifiers event-photography  
asked by Zubida 4 votes
answered by Steven Kersting 4 votes

Fisheye image circle close to border of image

I'm using a Canon 8-15mm fisheye with a sony alpha 7R3 and a sigma adapter. I just noticed that at 8mm the circle of the image is not exactly centered; it is close to the top border of the image. ...

canon sony sigma fisheye  
asked by Bob 2 votes
answered by Michael C 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between a pentaprism and a pentamirror?

Higher-end SLR cameras include a pentaprism to transmit the image from the lens to the viewfinder, whereas lower-end SLR cameras use a pentamirror to accomplish the same task. What are the ...

optics viewfinder  
asked by Jay Lance Photography 52 votes
answered by Jerry Coffin 51 votes

What is aperture, and how does it affect my photographs?

How does aperture affect my photographs? Why should I care about the aperture with which a photo was taken?

aperture camera-basics terminology depth-of-field  
asked by Dan McClain 55 votes
answered by Rowland Shaw 37 votes

How to change aperture in manual mode on an entry-level Nikon SLR?

In manual mode on my Nikon D3200 I cannot change just the f/stop setting. It only changes in relation to the other settings. How can I reproduce settings that I have found in books on photography if I ...

aperture camera-settings manual-mode nikon-d3200  
asked by user28330 1 vote
answered by Philip Kendall 8 votes

What quality to choose when converting to JPG?

When you export a picture to JPG you can normally choose its quality in a 1-100 scale. I like to keep a good quality but it wouldn't make sense to keep a JPG that will be almost as big as the original ...

jpeg file-format image-compression  
asked by santiagozky 37 votes
answered by jrista 38 votes

What is the CTG file in Canon SD card?

I have a Canon 550D and in the SD Card I found a file \DCIM\CANONMSC\M0205.CTG What is this file used for?

canon-550d file  
asked by Amir Rezaei 18 votes
answered by ahockley 19 votes

Is there a self-timer mode on the GoPro Hero 3+?

I might have missed the option in the plethora of settings, but it seems that there's no self-timer mode on the GoPro 3+. If there isn't, how do you take a "selfie" group shot with monopod?

gopro time self-timer  
asked by radj 2 votes
answered by vclaw 3 votes

What is the difference between an SLR and a DSLR?

What are the differences between SLRs and DSLRs? (I know that DSLRs are Digital SLRs but are there any actual differences?) Also, what are the advantages/disadvantages of both?

dslr film digital-vs-film slr digital  
asked by bazite 2 votes
answered by Itai 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

EOS R backup solution for SDXC cards

I have Canon EOS R which use SDXC cards, what is easier solution and light weight for do backup during travel? I have 2 cards SANDISK SDXC EXTREME PRO 128GB and just in case would like to do ...

asked by zly 1 vote
answered by scottbb 0 votes

How to turn off Magic Lantern info in Live View?

This is annoying. I need to see the whole frame in Live View, including borders, to check the composition. So I try to turn off the all info in Live View by pressing the INFO. button. But when usual ...

canon magic-lantern  
asked by Curious 1 vote
answered by GhislainCote 0 votes
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