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Top new questions this week:

How can I improve my photo of a night city landscape with a starry sky?

I like taking city photographs, like monuments or squares, with a starry sky. Since the square/monument is usually well illuminated, I take advantage of HDR with a short exposure for the illuminated ...

hdr night-photography  
user avatar asked by Bertuz Score of 5
user avatar answered by Michael C Score of 13

Can I lock the mirror up indefinitely without damaging my DSLR?

Are there any issues I might experience if I leave the mirror up on my DSLR camera for a long time? My use mode would be "live view" mode connected to AC power, and using the HDMI output of ...

equipment-damage live-view mirror-lockup  
user avatar asked by Michael Score of 1
user avatar answered by Michael C Score of 2

Softbox color cast

I have some continuous light softboxes I bought for food photography. Later, I bought another Godox LED softbox to supplement/use as a key light. I still use the old softboxes as fill. The problem now ...

white-balance studio-lighting food-photography  
user avatar asked by protohominid Score of 1
user avatar answered by Rafael Score of 2

How to separate the RGB colour space to only N colours?

In a JPEG image, we may have thousands of distinct RGB values. What is the process called of translating these numerous RGB values to just N distinct colour names/values? (I'd like to know the name ...

jpeg color-spaces rgb  
user avatar asked by boardrider Score of 1
user avatar answered by xenoid Score of 6

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can the sun damage the camera sensor? Under what conditions?

I want to experiment taking photos in which the sun appears. I'm afraid of what might happen if I take one with a narrower angle (where sun would be bigger). Can the lens act as a magnifying glass and ...

sensor equipment-damage sun  
user avatar asked by tomm89 Score of 97
user avatar answered by Alan Score of 40

Shooting a timelapse without any intervalometer?

I know that most of DSLR can shoot timelapses by using software solutions, sparing the purchase of an intervalometer. My questions: Any recommendation or suggestion about the software I could use (I'...

canon timelapse canon-7d  
user avatar asked by Anto Score of 10
user avatar answered by uncovery Score of 7

What settings should I use to get a good GoPro 4 night timelapse of the sky?

I just got my GoPro Hero 4 and wanted to try the Night Timelapse mode. I have the exposure time set to 30 seconds and the interval between images set to 2 minutes. My pictures have a few stars on ...

astrophotography night timelapse gopro milky-way  
user avatar asked by Joseph Score of 4

What is Rembrandt lighting, and when do I use it?

I often hear studio photographers talk about 'Rembrandt Lighting' when they're setting up lights and doing studio portrait photography. What is Rembrandt Lighting, and when do I use it?

lighting studio-lighting lighting-basics  
user avatar asked by Jay Lance Photography Score of 83
user avatar answered by Jay Lance Photography Score of 89

Is camera flash actually harmful to infants or newborns?

I just got a new off-camera flash, and the instruction manual says: Never fire the flash unit closer than 1 meter from infants. This was a little startling to me, since one of the main reasons I ...

flash off-camera-flash baby-photos safety eye-damage  
user avatar asked by anon Score of 56
user avatar answered by mattdm Score of 47

Is it possible to scale up an image to increase the the pixel density?

I have taken a picture whose resolution is less. I can resize the image easily (i.e I can scale to higher resolution) but the image quality goes for a toss, which is true because the image might not ...

post-processing resolution pixels rescaling  
user avatar asked by sat Score of 9
user avatar answered by Matt Grum Score of 11

What is aperture, and how does it affect my photographs?

How does aperture affect my photographs? Why should I care about the aperture with which a photo was taken?

aperture camera-basics terminology depth-of-field  
user avatar asked by Dan McClain Score of 57
user avatar answered by Rowland Shaw Score of 37
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