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Top new questions this week:

Is camera at risk of condensation in cold temperatures if never removed from bag?

My camera lives in my backpack, which I take with me almost everywhere. The temperature where I live has dropped below freezing and will likely stay down there for the next 3-4 months. I've read the ...

equipment-protection weather condensation  
asked by Frazer 5 votes
answered by Pete 8 votes

Can anyone identify this Twin-Lens Reflex 1940(ish) camera?

The photo was probably taken in the 40s, and the photographer was relatively well off. Can anyone identify the this specific camera (and flash if it's not permanently attached)? Medium format ...

equipment-identification zeiss camera-identification twin-lens-reflex  
asked by cchiera 5 votes
answered by scottbb 15 votes

How to speed up Lightroom face detection?

I am using Lightroom (Windows) to tag all of my pictures using face detection, however I have 80,000 pictures and it is going very very slowly. Looking at task manager it appears to process an image ...

lightroom computer-hardware face-detection  
asked by BobtheMagicMoose 4 votes
answered by mattdm 6 votes

What are the benefits of the classic f-number scheme?

Classic ƒ numbers are entrance pupil diameter as a fraction of focal length. This seems like a slightly strange choice as exposure is proportional to area rather than diameter. Naively I would think ...

lens aperture terminology history  
asked by Mr.Wizard 3 votes
answered by WayneF 2 votes

Re-use the face recognition library in lightroom on another PC?

I have a rather large database of faces/names, created in Lightroom using the automatic face recognition. Is there a way to export some of those faces, to be reused in another installation of ...

lightroom face-detection  
asked by arc_lupus 3 votes
answered by Saaru Lindestøkke 1 vote

Why does my multi-exposure film image appear darker than calculated?

I was experimenting a lot with multiple exposures on the same frame on film and noticed an unexpected behaviour. While this might very well have to do with my cameras shutter not working properly, ...

film multiple-exposure  
asked by Jeffrey 2 votes
answered by Steven Kersting 2 votes

Does compressing with chroma-subsampling multiple times degrade image quality?

Suppose I am creating a large image files out of smaller ones. The original images (jpeg) already have chroma-subsampling of 4:2:0. If one were to put them together and save again as a jpeg, would ...

post-processing image-quality image-compression  
asked by Elie 2 votes
answered by xiota 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does STM mean on a Canon lens?

The Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 has a designation of STM on the lens. What does this mean? What are the advantages of having it and does it replace an older technology? We have a terminology thread that ...

canon autofocus terminology  
asked by dpollitt 48 votes
answered by Matt Grum 55 votes

How can I crop a single layer in Photoshop?

Is it possible to crop a single layer, I can almost get the desired outcome using the eraser on a layer but surely it can be done with cropping?

photoshop cropping layers  
asked by el_pup_le 17 votes
answered by dpollitt 17 votes

What causes an SD card to go corrupt?

One of my cheap SD cards goes corrupt from time to time and the camera demands it needs to be reformatted. It's frustrating, but I want to know what might be the reason that makes it go corrupt and ...

sdcard data-corruption  
asked by James 20 votes
answered by mattdm 26 votes

How to change aperture in manual mode on an entry-level Nikon SLR?

In manual mode on my Nikon D3200 I cannot change just the f/stop setting. It only changes in relation to the other settings. How can I reproduce settings that I have found in books on photography if I ...

aperture camera-settings manual-mode nikon-d3200  
asked by user28330 1 vote
answered by Philip Kendall 8 votes

What's the easiest way to create passport-sized prints?

I need to print some passport-sized photos for visa applications. They each need to be 35mm x 45mm. Is there an easy way to take a single photo of my face and create a new jpeg file from it that I ...

prints service-recommendation software-recommendation  
asked by matt burns 24 votes
answered by matt burns 19 votes

How can I fix an out-of-focus blurred photo in Photoshop?

How can I fix this picture? Somebody else took this picture and well he wasn't able to do it very well, and it's blurred. I have photoshop

post-processing photoshop focus blur  
asked by Luis Valencia 11 votes
answered by mattdm 17 votes

What is Error 20, "shooting is not possible due to an error", on a Canon 700D?

I have a Canon 700d and I got an error 20 saying "shooting is not possible due to an error". I've tried multiple things: removing battery and reinstalling it removing sd card and formating it clean ...

canon troubleshooting error canon-700d  
asked by Mohamed Amin 3 votes
answered by Mike Sowsun 4 votes
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