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Top new questions this week:

In situations where you aren't compelled to pick high ISO (low light/needing a high shutter speed), is there ever a reason to NOT prefer low ISO?

Given the same amount of exposure, sometimes you may prefer smaller or bigger aperture because you may want high or low depth of field. Similarly, sometimes you may prefer slow or fast shutter speed, ...

exposure iso  
asked by silverrahul 9 votes
answered by Orbit 9 votes

Should I shoot color or black and white 35mm film to learn photography fundamentals?

I want to practice composition, or the basics of photography in reality. From what I've read, some people say shoot color, or only shoot black and white to learn composition right. From my personal ...

film color 35mm black-and-white learning  
asked by SWAT 8 votes
answered by scottbb 42 votes

Are there specific things I should look for when evaluating a used tilt-shift lens?

I'm considering a used tilt-shift lens and I want to make sure I give it a good looking over before I decide whether to buy it or not. I've never used a tilt-shift lens before, and I think it takes ...

equipment-recommendation tilt-shift used-equipment  
asked by Gern Blanston 3 votes
answered by scottbb 2 votes

Where is the horizon line on straight on shot stock photos with white background?

Let's say I want to use a stock photo like the next one in a simple composite, for example put this person on some other background. Since we can see the full body and especially the legs here, I ...

photoshop stock-photography compositing  
asked by Daniel 3 votes
answered by Tetsujin 3 votes

What are these spots all over my pictures?

I'm very new to film and am not sure what is going on. I sent in a roll of 35mm color negative through Walmart and this is what I got back. All but a couple of the photos have the same dots. Along ...

asked by BobTheCamera 2 votes
answered by Georgehas Leftthebuilding 0 votes

Astrophotography - Image quality reduced after multiple long exposures

I'm currently using NIKON D5600 for my untracked astrophotography, and depends on the target I need to take up to 100 exposures of 15-20 seconds each. I have a manual shutter remote and I manually ...

astrophotography night  
asked by ariel 2 votes
answered by Alex Sweeney 4 votes

Is x50 zoom camera able to zoom 500 meter target area from a 6 km distance?

I have a x50 zoom camera and here is some specs of the camera and lens: Focal length: 6 mm ~ 300 mm Field of view: 58.4° ~ 1.4° Resolution: 2 MP I drew a scheme to explain my question properly, you ...

focal-length zoom calculations field-of-view subject-distance  
asked by Yunus Temurlenk 2 votes
answered by Romeo Ninov 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What do the different Canon DSLR image size settings mean?

When setting image quality in my Canon EOS 1200d dSLR there are two options for the L, M and S1 size. What is the difference betwen these settings (I couldn't find it in camera documentation) ?

canon camera-settings  
asked by user2720372 6 votes
answered by inkista 18 votes

What lens focal length most closely resembles the perspective of the human eye?

For example, if I have a lens that is 16mm-50mm, which focal length would be the closest to the human eye's view? (I don't have a camera yet, so I'm just curious.) Would 50mm be more zoomed in than "...

focal-length field-of-view human-vision-system  
asked by trusktr 26 votes
answered by Guffa 18 votes

How to change aperture in manual mode on an entry-level Nikon SLR?

In manual mode on my Nikon D3200 I cannot change just the f/stop setting. It only changes in relation to the other settings. How can I reproduce settings that I have found in books on photography if I ...

aperture camera-settings manual-mode nikon-d3200  
asked by user28330 1 vote
answered by Philip Kendall 8 votes

What are the optimal JPEG settings for high-resolution Facebook photos?

With the current facebook photo uploader, what are the optimal settings for uploading high-resolution photos. I process my images in Adobe Lightroom. I'm aware of a similar question asked in the past,...

lightroom jpeg facebook  
asked by ides 24 votes
answered by Jakub Sisak GeoGraphics 19 votes

What's the easiest way to create passport-sized prints?

I need to print some passport-sized photos for visa applications. They each need to be 35mm x 45mm. Is there an easy way to take a single photo of my face and create a new jpeg file from it that I ...

prints service-recommendation software-recommendation  
asked by matt burns 26 votes
answered by matt burns 19 votes

How do I decide between the Canon 55-250mm or 70-300mm + 50mm?

I just bought a Canon Rebel T2i (EOS550D/Kissx4) with 18-55mm kit-lens and I have an additional $300 USD to spend on a lens. I had decided to buy a Canon EF-S 75-300mm f/4-5.6 (without IS) and a Canon ...

lens equipment-recommendation canon  
asked by ChristopherEmoracket 8 votes
answered by Rajat 8 votes

How can I get the shutter actuation count for Canon EOS 500D/550D?

How can I get the actual shutter actuation count for a Canon EOS 500D or 550D (Digital Rebel T1i or T2i)? Two popular solutions for most earlier Canon cameras don't work: I peeked at location 0x9d-...

metadata canon-550d canon-500d shutter-actuations  
asked by whuber 23 votes
answered by jrista 0 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Differences in lighning schema for white and black skin?

Could somebody explain, what is the difference in lightning schema on shooting of portraits and beauty of white vs. black/dark skinned models?

lighting studio-lighting  
asked by Evgeniy 1 vote

What the cheapest solution for use rear curtain sync with canon?

I have a canon 5DM3 with an yn600ex-rt and yn-E3-rt. I do astrophotography and I'd like introduce people on the foreground firing the flash on rear curtain for freezing they. It works well with the ...

flash off-camera-flash wireless-flash second-curtain  
asked by Gustavo Sant' anna 1 vote
answered by Bob Macaroni McStevens 0 votes
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