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Top new questions this week:

A camera that takes real photos without manipulation like old analog cameras

In modern digital cameras there are many settings which are applied automatically to the photos. And it does not always result in good ways. Recently I saw two photos of the same face one from a old ...

digital camera  
asked by dxb 23 votes
answered by OnBreak. 106 votes

Maximum useful resolution for scanning 35mm film

I have no particular project in mind so I'm just asking in order to have a better understanding: Let's say I'm an artist shooting pictures with a 35mm camera and my point would be to make really big ...

printing resolution scanning analog-photography  
asked by Bachir Messaouri 13 votes
answered by xiota 20 votes

What causes images to have flat depth?

I am learning about photography and I remember reading about an effect that causes images to look like there is no depth but now I cannot find what it is called or what causes it. I remember an ...

aperture focus depth-of-field depth-of-focus  
asked by dandov 4 votes
answered by Steven Kersting 8 votes

How to organize photos efficiently (in terms of 'naming', 'tagging' and FOSS)?

I have thousands of photos in multiple directories. Any tool or idea to organize them properly will be helpful. Here is the details: I have been ignorant all along about organizing those until ...

asked by Pladin 2 votes
answered by Bob Macaroni McStevens 2 votes

Errant lights in long exposure at night

I've been trying to get some images of the milky way. I was is central Sardegna near some neolithic ruins as a backdrop. A few images had this odd squiggles of light. Not every frame has it. It's ...

exposure night  
asked by Matthew Dearsley 2 votes
answered by user10216038 1 vote

Disc film cameras that use replacable batteries?

I have some Disc Film in the fridge that I would like to use, that I got from a film lot. It seems unlikely that anything amazing will come out of it, but experimenting is part of my process and some ...

disc-camera disc analog-photography  
asked by MicroMachine 2 votes
answered by Zeiss Ikon 2 votes

Magnification percentage meaning

How do I convert from the percent magnification that many photo editing apps use to times magnification? For example, if I have taken a photo at 30mm and then zoom to 100% percent in Lightroom, what ...

zoom magnification  
asked by Randomgenerator 1 vote
answered by Itai 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How many actuations are "too many actuations"?

When looking at used camera bodies, a question that comes up a lot, is "how many shutter actuations, or clicks, does it have?" What I am wondering is, how many is too many. In other words, is there ...

body shutter-actuations  
asked by BBischof 42 votes
answered by Eruditass 33 votes

What can be done using a 18-55mm lens?

I have a Canon EOS 1000D with 18-55mm kit lens (entry level, as many say). Whenever I go out for a shoot, I always end up feeling handicapped because of the limited zoom range. Most of my friends ...

lens kit-lens  
asked by essbeev 55 votes
answered by Russell McMahon 60 votes

What can I do to get models to take my small camera more seriously?

My main genre of photography is portraiture at geek, fantasy and historic events where many attendees dress up (cosplay and reenactment). The attendees are often very willing to pose for pictures (TFP ...

portrait posing models people  
asked by Belle 99 votes

What's the difference between cross-type autofocus points and regular ones?

What's the difference between different autofocus point types (cross vs point and such)? Cross points seem to be a "feature" — why?

autofocus phase-detection  
asked by rfusca 25 votes
answered by mattdm 19 votes

Is there a way to replicate Nikon D3100 live view on my laptop screen?

I own a Nikon D3100 and I need a way to see the live view of my camera on my laptop screen. There must definitely be a way (I am not just aware of it). I have searched all around the web sites... I ...

nikon-d3100 remote tethering live-view  
asked by pradeep sekar 11 votes
answered by Michael C 7 votes

Why do higher end lenses use USM instead of STM?

Canon has a newer type of motor, called STM, which is introduced in lenses like 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS STM, 40 f/2.8 STM and so on. STM also provides quick, silent and smooth focusing. Even the focusing ...

canon autofocus focus-motor  
asked by rcs 33 votes
answered by Michael C 33 votes

How to reduce the file size of my photos (to under 15 MB)?

I don't have a "Pro" account on Flickr, just the free one, so my photo uploads are capped to 15 megabytes/file. After post-processing, my photos end up being too large to be uploaded to Flickr. I do ...

photoshop file-format image-compression file-size  
asked by Nandhini Sandra Mogan 7 votes
answered by Andrew Charlton 10 votes

Can you answer this question?

Are previews compatible between Lightroom versions?

Lightroom creates a folder to store previews next to each catalog. This folder is named <CATALOG> Previews.lrdata so when a new version of Lightoom Classic is installed and migrates the catalog, ...

lightroom storage  
asked by Itai 1 vote
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