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Top new questions this week:

Photo Competition 2022-01-31: Wood

Theme: Wood Living wood, dead wood, burning wood, wood with nails or screws. Pictures that elicit the smell of resin or sawdust. This theme was suggested by xenoid. Voting Rules View the submissions ...

asked by scottbb 4 votes
answered by l0b0 21 votes

odd raw file corruption

I am finding a small number of partially corrupted RAW files in my LR catalog.In short small "blocks" of each image that are randomly colored - often pink/red. Any ideas as to what might be ...

raw data-corruption  
asked by dave231 2 votes
answered by Bob Macaroni McStevens 1 vote

How do I backup my NEF files as NEF files from my MAC? They automatically convert to JPGs which I don’t want

I can easily download NEF files from my Nikon D850 to my MacBook and view and edit them within the Photo directory. However, if I try to save them anywhere else, an external hard drive, Google drive, ...

raw backup  
asked by Matt 1 vote
answered by inkista 2 votes

Why is image dimension in property different from Photoshop raw photo editor?

To put it simply, say I have an image in cr2 format, and in property, it says the dimension is 6020 x 4015: But the same image when opened in Photoshop raw photo editor, shows a different dimension, ...

photoshop photo-editing  
asked by Amarth Gûl 1 vote

Is there a name for a portrait without a person, like a desk where someone was working, or a bed?

I planned to take pictures of people for a school assignment but quickly realized I didn't have many models to take pictures of and decided I would take portraits without people but as a photo it ...

portrait terminology  
asked by Jackson Faulkner 1 vote
answered by Tetsujin 2 votes

Why did my developed photos come out discoloured and grainy?

I recently had some film developed on my Pentax K1000 for the first time and my photos came out very strange. I’ve scoured the internet to find similar film photos to figure out why mine came out like ...

film color developing film-grain pentax-k1000  
asked by Saskia George 1 vote
answered by Michael C 2 votes

Scanning intentionally overexposed negatives

I have a question concerning the exposure settings when scanning negatives: Imagine I take a picture of mostly fog. Without manual correction, the camera would place the fog in zone V (middle grey) ...

film photo-editing scanning  
asked by x3b7z99 1 vote
answered by xiota 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it possible to scale up an image to increase the the pixel density?

I have taken a picture whose resolution is less. I can resize the image easily (i.e I can scale to higher resolution) but the image quality goes for a toss, which is true because the image might not ...

post-processing resolution pixels rescaling  
asked by sat 9 votes
answered by Matt Grum 10 votes

What is aperture, and how does it affect my photographs?

How does aperture affect my photographs? Why should I care about the aperture with which a photo was taken?

aperture camera-basics terminology depth-of-field  
asked by Dan McClain 57 votes
answered by Rowland Shaw 37 votes

How do I return to Camera RAW window after opening an image?

I tend to open a bunch of RAW files at the same time and move through them using the preview to find the image I want to work on. When I click on "Open Image" (perhaps after adjusting white balance ...

raw photoshop adobe-camera-raw  
asked by TZHX 8 votes
answered by Steve Ross 9 votes

Can't connect Canon 6D to my computer via USB cable

I can't download photos from my new Canon 6D via the USB cable. Cable is connected, but no new drive is detected in the system. Looks like Windows doesn't see a new device at all. How do I ...

canon usb file-transfer canon-6d  
asked by vico 10 votes
answered by Sparkysparks 25 votes

What are the best and worst diffuser materials for DIY softbox/light tent?

There are hundreds of web sites with tips of building a DYI soft box or light tent, and it looks like people are using almost anything as the diffuser material, from white plastic bags to old t-shirts....

lighting-modifiers diy softbox  
asked by Jukka Suomela 27 votes
answered by Alan 5 votes

What are the optimal JPEG settings for high-resolution Facebook photos?

With the current facebook photo uploader, what are the optimal settings for uploading high-resolution photos. I process my images in Adobe Lightroom. I'm aware of a similar question asked in the past,...

lightroom jpeg facebook  
asked by ides 24 votes
answered by Jakub Sisak GeoGraphics 19 votes

Is there a software to automatically crop a scan of multiple images?

I want to digitize my old family albums using a scanner and there are lots of photos in them. Thus far, my method has been to scan 4 images at a time and then manually cropping them in a simple editor ...

software photo-editing scanning batch cropping  
asked by ab.aditya 36 votes
answered by ab.aditya 5 votes

Can you answer this question?

Why can't I import pictures from my moto g6 (Android 9) into Shotwell on Debian Bullseye?

I used to import my phone pictures into Shotwell on a Debian computer by doing something like Plug the phone into a USB connector on my laptop. Set the phone's USB Preferences so that "USE USB ...

troubleshooting android import  
asked by Bill 1 vote
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