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Hello world

asked What uses does tone mapping have beyond HDR?
comment HDR then Panorama, or Panorama then HDR?
I think this is a very good point - normally HDR is used to get a good range across the vertical axis (e.g. land/sky). It's easy to imagine panoramas where the contrast is in the horizontal also/instead. Pre-stitching HDR would make it tricky to recover this contrast post-stitching. Also applying the same parameters to all images when generating the HDRs pre-stitch may still leave some images appearing unfairly exposed.
comment Is there any reason to take 3 RAW/JPG images to get most from HDR?
Took me a moment to ponder this answer for it to make sense, but it is certainly the most definite answer to the question, there is simply not enough stored information compared to multiple differently-exposed images. Following the same logic, this makes a correctly exposed image better than tweaking a RAW's exposure in post?
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