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Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment What could be causing focus problems in low light?
+1 for: "Remember that metering and AF are done with the lens wide open regardless of your aperture setting. The lens is only stopped down the instant before the shutter opens."
comment Will the new Nikon D600 be a good purchase or should I go for the D700?
Ok i didn't made the link with more MP's and more risk of noise. That's a good point you make. Filesize is indeed something to care about as it also infects the speed i can save images to my SD card. I hope the price for D700 will reduce with these new model(s) on the camera market (if the rumours are true) Thanks for taking your time to answer this question :)
comment Lens not attached message on nikon d5000 with nikon 24-70mm
Thanks for your advice, i tried already with other lenses. No problem with that. I'll try a different body, but not sure when i'll have the opportunity. I'll check the repair center and call the shop where i bought the lens. It was in rotterdam. Thanks for your help.
comment What is the best online printing site for users in France?
What size do you want your prints? Do you want to print on canvas?
comment How can I clean a camera effectively?
I'm sorry. I was kind of in a hurry. I've added a first summary of the article. I'll add some more content later.