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comment What does it mean when a TV “supports HDR”?
Could be a new buzzword attached to the existing gimmick in back illuminated LCDs (vs edge illuminated ones) of varying the illumination level in different parts of the screen to fake a higher contrast ratio than the LCD is directly able to achieve.
comment Do I need a UV filter?
Are the sensors themselves less sensitive to UV, or is it just that the camera makers put a UV filter into the camera body itself. I know an IR filter is a standard feature.
comment Why are some big telephoto lenses so expensive compared to telescopes?
@MichaelT You'd never use them as macro lenses; but near focus for most telescopes is 20-30 feet on the small end to maybe a few hundred feet for some really big ones. In particular, smaller telescopes and spotting scopes used by birders/etc use the same type of optics. The most important difference being that a spotting scope will generally be paired with a correct image diagonal (or an erecting prism if looking strait through); while for astronomical use the prism is either dropped entirely or a design that leaves the image mirrored is used to maximize light transmission.
comment Why are some big telephoto lenses so expensive compared to telescopes?
@ErwinBolwidt that's from a design that has a mirror in the center to make it more compact while allowing for a large aperture and long focal length. Schmidt/Maksutov-Cassegrains are the telescopes that look like paint cans/buckets. From the outside a refracting telescope looks a lot like a telephoto lens.
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answered Is there any point in photographing directly to black & white?
comment Hour long exposure of the sun
IF you're shopping for solar filters; be sure to check if they've got a neutral color balance. Like with welders glass, many of the more inexpensive ones don't. They're acceptable for taking sunspot images through a telescope/long focal length lens; but wouldn't be suitable for what Clint appears to be trying to do.
comment How can I capture the movement of a bullet?
@gpuguy If you don't know anyone who reloads and is willing to spend a fair amount of time in trial/error work to figure out how low the gun you're using can go while still working well (abnormally low velocities can cause reliability problems; mostly for semi-auto designs); looking for sub-sonic ammunition will get you on the bottom edge of what's available commercially (mostly this will be for older low power handguns).
comment Why do circular fish eye lenses create circular images?
In theory I think you could install a ring of prisms partially overlapping the outer edge of the lens to capture light from behind and divert it into it. IN practice it sounds like something that only Mr. Goldberg would think was a good idea.
comment Why don't mainstream sensors use CYM filters instead of RGB?
In long exposure astrophotography, one of the few areas where the total amount of light captured is a major concern, a common approach is to use a pure monochrome sensor and combine (relatively) short exposures periods taken with red, green, and blue filters to color the image, with a much longer interval where no filter is used to maximize the detail in the final result.
comment Is rotation an intrinsic lossy operation (for angles not multiple of 90 degrees)?
The actual loss of data doesn't occur until you re-rasterize the rotated image. If your image editing software stored intermediate work internally as an image and rotation value, but only rasterized to display it on the screen or when explicitly saved in a bitmap based format, then you could give a second rotation of equal magnitude but opposite in direction and undo the rotation without loss. (Caveat, I don't know how Photoshop/GIMP/etc projects store your data.)
comment Does this RGB-patterned reflector have benefits for digital photography?
I wouldn't trust an apparent snake oil seller to cheat in comparison results. Nothing short of positive comparison images from a trusted 3rd party would be convincing.
comment Is GPU or CPU more important for Photoshop and Lightroom?
A number of Puget Systems computers have been reviewed favorably by Anandtech: anandtech.com/…
comment When and why should I consider buying a speedlight/external flash?
@MattGrum much better now. :)
comment Why is the main sensor not used instead of the separate AF sensor to focus a DSLR?
I think another advantage, especially historically (with modern designs supporting HD video this is less of a factor), is that the few dozen pixels on an AF sensor can be read much faster than the millions on the primary sensor allowing for a faster feedback loop.
comment What lens focal length most closely resembles the perspective of the human eye?
@MattGrum If the image from the 10mm APS-C lens was displayed not as a conventional photograph; but with VR Goggles that didn't restrict the users peripheral vision would the result then become 'normal'? Or to word my question differently, is the image considered abnormal because it's compressing data consisting of the entire human FoV into an small fraction of the FoV of the viewer?
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comment Are meteors dim?
And I was making a general answer...