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comment Suggestions required for pairing Canon 430EX II with an ideal Yongnuo speedlite (2 light setup)
Unfortunately YN460 can't be used as slave to Canon 430EXII, because Canon 430EXII can not work as master unit, only as slave.
comment Which are must have lenses for Canon?
I vote for Nifty Fifty as well, I have this lens and I love this lens! It won't allow you to take macro shots and for landscapes you need something wider, but for the rest it's a real treasure! You can shoot portraits, street photography, close ups. It's sharp and light, great for shots hand held and can be used with only natural/ambient light if you don't own a flash. Read my review and see the kind of photos you can take with it -…
comment How do pros manage to make the color green so bright in their nature photographs?
In my opinion those two shots are under exposed, but I can't quite work out the time of the shooting, it appears to me as if it was when the sun was setting down, unless it was post processing in PC that made it look that way. Of course in some cases it's almost impossible to expose all parts of the image properly. Yet those photos as examples for the question were of the nature and landscapes, for that situation there are meant to achieve a good exposure, like using filters for camera.
comment What lighting equipment to purchase for under $50?
Nope, only for photos.
comment Do any stock photography sites pay 100% of sales out to photographers?
Selling images is a tricky business in that you don't know whether you are going to sell that particular photo or not, so I wouldn't like to pay for uploading. It is unfair that contributor gets only up to 60% from sales, but at least there is no loss, because there is no investment.