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comment Is there a way to use a Canon 60d as general SD card reader?
Caleb, can you please take a second and look at the date of my comment. My MacBook Pro cost a bit more than $3000, which is only a little bit more than @cadmium's suggested $20
comment Shooting tethered to Lightroom 5.4 seemed quite slow
Its not just in version 5.4, in every version of Lightroom that I've tried (starting with LR 4) tethered shooting is much slower than using the free Canon DPP software. I guess that LR does a lot of processing to make previews, etc. I gave up, and just use DPP for tethered shooting, then import the raw images into LR.
comment What is this plastic clip on that came on the leg of my tripod?
I've been wondering exactly this. Great question.
comment How do I determine the actual calibrated specifications of a Holga?
Isn't this question kind of against the spirit of a Holga? Setup a parallel shoot with a calibrated DSLR, and see what gets. Might need to shoot a moving object to see if 1/100 is not 1/50 or 1/250. But Holgas are supposed to be shoot and pray
comment Lenses for fast-paced environment
The very first photo that I clicked on at the whitehouse flickr stream was a Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. He's upgraded to a 5D3
comment Why will low-end Nikons not meter with old lenses?
No, pre-AI lenses have a meter coupling prong that connects to the meter on the body. All old Nikkor/Nikon lenses have the coupling prong. Modern consumer Nikon DSLRs will not mount these lenses as the coupling prong will contact the extended pentaprism of the DSLR. While the F-mount has not changed, there are many F-mount lenses that won't mount on modern F-mount cameras. I can't imagine how a modern camera would "break the metering" if you can get it to mount without force.
comment How do I get Canon EOS 5D Mark II RAW files using a USB cable and bypassing the EOS utility?
I don't see this as the usual term for "driver software" which allows lots of software to use a piece of hardware. Rather what you need is a specific piece of software that can read the Canon data. EOS Utility, Lightroom, Aperture, and probably The Gimp all can do it directly.
comment Full frame or not?
Make that if money, size, and weight are not issues, go full size. The 5D3 is physically much larger than the 70D, and heavier as well. For my particular needs, size and weight are very important.
comment Zoom Lens suggestion for hobbyist photographer
No lens about 50-55 mm is going to do a good job of shooting a football game, even if you have a sideline press pass. If your budget is that tight, just give up on that idea. the kit or 50 prime will do fine at taking shots of the fans tailgating at the game, but you'll need a lot more length to capture exciting shots of the game's play. For a tight budget, buy the kit lens with the body, they often are thrown in for zero. I bought a T4i as a gift, and with the kit lens was cheaper than the body only.
comment What b&w fiber paper has the most detail in zones VII-IX?
Could be, for me, it was always "polycontrast" which was variable according to which filter you used. Could be a brand/model name within the line (I think it was Kodak)
comment How can I completely avoid noise for stock photography with my Canon 650D?
Your request is impossible. There is always noise in any image. You can not "completely" shoot without noise. What you can do is increase the amount of signal, so that the signal to noise ratio is better, and you won't notice the noise.
comment Why hasn't buying powerful lights improved my lightbox images?
Your bulbs are nowhere near being powerful for photographic lights. If you want bright, you need speedlights, strobes, or lots of lights. See for constant lights suitable for photography. Note, KinoFlo are very expensive.
comment What feature/effect in lightroom causes people's faces to look plastic?
Thanks, I tried clarity, and voila, instant plastic people.
comment Portable tripod recommendations for those on a budget
Everything I'd experienced and read backs up @mattdm See… for more details on why you'll end up spending more than $100 if you actually use the tripod.
comment Can't connect Canon 6D to my computer via USB cable
@michael, thanks, I never can remember the names of all the parts. I also don't understand why there are so many parts, but for that, only Canon knows.
comment When it's wise to use tripod
Minor nit, @AJ's answer is great if its a stable tripod. Some $20 tripods sold at big box retailers are so flimsy that they can do more harm than good.
comment What are some good photography podcasts?
Note: Scott no longer does the podcast regularly. He is retiring from photography. Rich Harrington has taken over and does fewer listener questions with more interviews and gear lust.
comment Which camera to buy?
This one is well reviewed, is about $300 at Amazon. My wife has an older model and loves it. Canon PowerShot S100.
comment Wrong screwdriver broke Canon 70-200mm small screw. Any way of unscrewing it?
Trying to drill it out is very dangerous. You will have to use a tiny drill bit, and they are easy to break. When you break it, you will have a hardened steel bit broken off in a soft steel (or maybe brass) screw which is stuck in a plastic or soft metal part. This is nearly impossible to undo. Try the chisel or punch approach first.
comment How can I control a DSLR camera programmatically?
I think you really mean programmatically by an external computer using software you write. What requirements do you have that are not met by things like Canon's free DPP? Check out David Hunt's Raspberry PI in a battery holder for his Canon DSLR: