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Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment How can I better see my LCD to check a picture in bright sunlight?
Matt - exactly. Great that it doesn't actually attach to the camera... but you do look like a dork when you forget it is around your neck and you walk into a restaurant. Happens to me at least once a trip...
comment Should I be worried about getting dust inside my SLR?
+1 for the two body option. Always the way to go. I do one body with a zoom, and one with a fast prime.
comment Photographing darker-skinned people
Thanks for clarifying my over-simplification...
comment D80 vs D100 vs D1X
Completely agree with mmr. I have had a D100, D200, and D300. Don't waste your money on the D100, it is noisy above ISO 400! A used D200 will work great up to ISO 1000. And it is a tank, I took one all over the world many times as a first, then backup body...
comment Flashgun for Nikon D60 and F5
Funny- at B and H the Metz is ten dollars more!
comment What is the best site for ordering prints online?
Wholeheartedly agree. I've had AdoramaPix print an entire run for a show and the only mistakes were the couple I made uploading... I use them frequently and am always satisfied.
comment Good examples of RAW's advantages over JPEG?
Great response... +1 if not +2!
comment What are your tips for guiding an inexperienced model?
Flush the buffer... great line. The big trick is just to be confident and take charge. Especially with corporate execs who are used to "Alpha Male" personalities. Worst thing you can do is freeze... even if you have no ideas, just keep it moving. With street photography it is a little different... you need to "get in and get out". But again, confidence, without coming off as pushy is probably the best approach. On location you just change spots, that can work wonders, chit chat as you walk to the new spot. Studio... maybe a wardrobe change could work, especially if you shoot senior portraits.
comment Is the Nikon 35mm 2.0 worth the extra money over the 1.8?
Very true... shooting a head a shoulders shot with a 35mm will make the person look like they have a large nose... perspective distortion could be pretty funky the closer you get to the subject. This would be a great lens for indoor natural light shots as well as street shooting... just don't get too close!