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comment What happened to multi-focal lenses?
That's my understanding, too. A zoom lens doesn't work well with a rangefinder. If you're using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get system like with a mirror or EVF, then a zoom lens is more flexible.
comment Is Adobe Photoshop worth the money?
I would add another item to your bullet list. If you find yourself doing similar items to each image, Photoshop's actions can be a massive time saver. I have a set of actions I created that apply noise reduction, crop, adjust local contrast, and sharpen. I have various actions depending on which steps I want to perform and which I don't. For example, not all batches will need noise reduction. Depending on the output (web gallery for display, web gallery for ordering, 4x6 proof prints), I'll resize differently. Based on the size and medium (screen or print), I'll sharpen differently.
comment Which tripod should I get for macro photography?
What are your intended subjects? That will play a big part in what to recommend.
comment What GPS would you recommend for geo-tagging?
Lots of recommendations. I would do an internet search for issues with Garmin and updates before buying one if I were you. Garmin bricked my GPS with an update and then told me it was my fault. Their offer? I could exchange my bricked unit for a refurbished one, and end up paying $70 more than a brand new one from Amazon. I won't give them business anymore. Turns out, this issue has happened to several people. Do a search, and buy a Garmin only with your eyes open.
comment What's better image quality; full frame with Canon 400mm 5.6L plus 1.4 extender, OR, cropped frame with same lens?
To be more precise,I should have specified pixel density. Whatever results in more pixels per duck will give better resolution. When limited by focal length, I have gotten better bird photos from a rebel over 5D.
comment Low light pixel aggregation
The keyword, as Matt pointed out, is binning. "Pixel binning" and "signal to noise" are good phrases to use for searching. :)
comment Should I prefer versatility or a longer focal length for wildlife photography?
When you're in a dusty environment and you don't want to change lenses, you may find a longer range zoom results in more keepers than a prime plus extenders.
comment Lens and tripod for deep space photography
I edited your question to show that you considered the AstroTrac. I don't usually click every "this" link to see what "this" means. :)
comment Which one would you suggest to buy from canon, the 550D or the 50D ?
At one point, I had a Rebel (400D) as a backup. It was the best quality for that size at the time. I ended up selling the 400D and buying a 40D because of the wheel on the 40D. The lack of a wheel on the Rebel series means that shooting in manual is a pain. You have the same dial to turn, and it affects either the shutter or the aperture based on whether you have another button depressed while you turn it. It's like playing Twister with your fingers. :)
comment Should I buy a Fujifilm XE-1 (or Fuji X-Pro) or a full frame for professional portrait shooting?
"An SLR makes a statement that a mirrorless does not." Exactly. The business of photography is more about business and less about photography than many would-be pro photographers might initially think. I would not choose a mirrorless for a portrait business until you are so well established that you have your own brand.
comment how to backup large amounts of photos at home?
Why not online? I have been using Amazon s3, and I'm now transitioning to Glacier because it's even cheaper. I have 150 gig on S3 and 220 gig on Glacier. By the time I'm done transitioning, I'll have 400 gig on Glacier that costs me $4/month to maintain. The only cheaper, but less convenient, way that I know of is to store USB drives in a bank deposit box. I have several of those, too. :)
comment Are cropped images from a full-frame sensor equal quality to full APS-C images despite the lower resolution?
I believe your opening sentence is incorrect, unless you're comparing the same sensor generation. The pixel size on the original Canon 5D is larger than the pixel size of the Canon 1D4. The latter has better light sensitivity and lower noise at higher ISOs.
comment Rename a group of photos
Did you search for the renaming questions that already exist? Maybe add to them instead of starting a new one.
comment Which impacts the speed of focusing more, the lens or the camera body?
Why are you asking the question? Are you wanting a theoretical speculation, or are you trying to make a real-world decision?
comment What type of camera is used to photograph marathon finishers?
Are they automatic, or are they remote controlled? The ones I've seen are the latter. If you're just shooting a time lapse at the finish line, you'll miss most of the key moments.
comment Taking sports and action shots with regular lenses
Depending on the size of a field, a 300mm lens isn't sufficient to make players fill the frame enough if they are on the far of end of the field. I have a hard time imagining that a 50mm lens will be useful for most action that happens in a typical soccer game.
comment What to look for in an intervalometer?
What have you found? Where have you started with your search? This is kind of open-ended.
comment What are the laws in the United States concerning photo printing copyrights?
I don't believe the law is that cut and dried. Instructing somebody else to push a button doesn't mean the button-pusher owns the copyright.
comment How can I take natural looking photos of my kids, etc. with a compact camera indoors?
This camera doesn't have interchangeable lenses, though.
comment How should I post process images from a cloudy, dark day?
Looks like you already have good tips. I would emphasize blue to give the photos a colder feel, especially with the frozen snow in the coats of the sheep.