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Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment Good examples of RAW's advantages over JPEG?
Do you have your JPEG and RAW examples back to front? The second example looks like an overdriven JPEG.
comment How weather resistant is the Canon EOS 7D?
Backing up claims with evidence, even anecdotal, makes for a far more interesting discussion. As for me, I used a 5DMKII for shoots ranging from extreme sport to music festivals, covering multi-day mountaineering treks and gigs in all conditions. The 5D handles mud, sand, short drops into water, aggressive handling and and light rain without a worry. My current body is coming on to a year of intense use and not a single issue. I wouldn't say "bomb proof", but it is certainly reliable for photographers in tough shooting conditions. Or I'm just very lucky. So far ;)
comment How do I take a portrait at night with detail in the background instead of just blackness?
You can certainly use flash fill to freeze motion of the subject, and use an appropriate shutter time to get the most out of ambient light. This is a foundation of a lot of outdoor shoots for things such as sportswear - where a model might use a trampoline for a freeze-motion jump shot, but the ambient scene is still of some interest, even if it is of dense urban scenery under a shallow DOF blur.
comment Equipment for shooting while on a bike?
I would recommend the GoPro as well. My primary shoot is a Canon 5DMKII, for sports and music photography, and as rugged as those gigs can be I prefer to avoid strapping it to a ride. I'm a fan of sports cameras for POV shots; currently using the Contour 1080P, but mostly my GoPros, ranging from a HD Hero 960, HD Hero 1080, and a HD Hero 2. The last one is my favorite, as it is a major upgrade in quality, and performs great on mountain bike and rock climbing shoots. Definitely something to consider for your road biking. Hit Vimeo and YouTube for a mountain of videos.