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comment Are there cameras which have only bodies, and no default attached lenses?
Do note that it is a good idea to get it with the kit lens though. Generally cheaper. High-end bodies mostly don't even have a kit lens option. usually body only.
comment What kind of camera should a serious enthusiast buy after ditching a point and shoot?
I guess the reference to what kind refers to "dSLR" more than "Canon EOS..." So your straight answer should have been "dSLR" given your answer.
comment What is the best way to micro-adjust a camera body to a particular lens?
I just wanted you to make a note about this focus adjustment procedure. Every camera body and lens has a tolerance to which they can be manufactured. Therefore, when you adjust that lens (after determining that it indeed does not focus correctly), it will work for your case for that particular camera body. When you put that very lens on another camera you will notice that it will back/front focus again. Therefore, any of these adjustments must be done for a lens/body combo. Do note :)