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Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment Which print medium has the highest dynamic range?
Interesting question, perhaps address it to the likes of Hannemuler or Canson, and other paper mfg rather than retailers even if that's what they specialise in papers and inks and so on.
comment Why is my subject still out of focus when it's inside the range shown by a depth of field calculator?
how much more clear can I be? Please re read the question
comment Color correction based on known samples (that are not grey)
How can it all be neutral? In that case the whole image would be one tone
comment Is there a camera that operates silently, suitable for use at a wedding?
Thanks for all the advice I belatedly realised my wife's Canon G11 which produces cracking images and fits the bill 100%. It takes a remote, tripod mount, av mode f.28 decent usable ISO range and absolutely silent. Vicar had a demo and is happy to let me use this during the actual ceremony. In fact he is happy for me to get reasonaly close behind in the choir stalls and shoot from there.
comment How do I repair a detached SB600 flash head tilt/rotate lock-release button?
Matt what are the two surface materials? loads of contact adhesives available but some are more specific than others about what they stick to, more info will help. btw matt as the flash expert why does a pttl flash image get progressily darker as you zoom in?