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comment EOS Utility does not detect my 550D
It recurred 2 days ago to me. I connected camera to win 8 (final) and EOS Utility did not recognize it. I tried turning off&on, no go. Next morning, I just pressed shutter button to turn the camera on, and it worked. Since the moment when it was not working computer was not restarted, camera was not moved, neither the cable, so only thing that happened is camera turned off itself (power saver) and 10-11 hours later I turned it back on :)
comment EOS Utility does not detect my 550D
I don't have any other portable devices on desktop, and while I had win 7 in dual boot it worked in 7 and not in 8 :) So, it seems that there are a lot of different things that cause this.
comment EOS Utility does not detect my 550D
It seems to me that it is more probably related to usb driver for camera and software inside a camera than Canon EOS Utility itself.