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comment Bulk color-correct portrait backgrounds
Do you have any experience using either Photoshop, Lightroom and/or Aperture? I know and would recommend using Lightroom here to apply a WB (White Balance) setting to all the shots (using the little drop tool on the background to get it right). You would get it right on the first shot, and synchronise the setting on all shots in just a click or two. Let us know what tools you want to use.
comment How do I improve the contrast of trees in a black and white photograph?
For those new to post-processing: Adobe Lightroom offers "tweaking individual amount of colors" (in the Develop module).
comment Are there any Android App or Apple iOS Apps that can process camera RAW?
"processing jpeg could actually damage the image"? How so? I think you mean if you overwrite the original one. RAW files give more latitude for post-processing, but editing JPEG doesn't mean you'll lose your original picture, just don't overwrite it.
comment How has the price of a roll of film developed over the last few decades?
Interesting answer, but incomplete. You'd have to account for inflation here.
comment Is Adobe Lightroom worth it for a student amatuer photographer?
I would suggest reading my answer to a similar question:
comment How do you use Snapshots feature in Adobe Lightroom?
I use it to keep both a b&w and a color version. I guess virtual copies would work for that too.
comment If shooting in RAW and processing, why still care about WB?
From my experience this is correct, BUT I would assume that in most cases (and especially for amateurs like me, not professionals) that going with Auto will allow to get something close enough and not a crazy high/low WB value that will lead to exposure issues mentioned. After several 100k shots on DSLRs, I'm confident with going for Auto.
comment Is it possible to record private comments in LR5?
You can remove the comments as you export. That would seem to solve your problem (keep your comments, but not have the clients see them).
comment What to look for in a wide angle lens?
24mm isn't really wide. I suggest the Tokina 12-24mm, although it's close to $400 so not cheap. For your portrait upgrade, I had the same issue and went for the Tokina 50-135mm 2.8, but it doesn't seem to be produced anymore :/.
comment How can I get rid of a black dot in a picture?
FYI, these kinds of dots are usually dust particles on your lens and/or on your sensor (if you own an interchangeable lens camera). I've had the same problem as you many times, and the best solution to take care of them is to avoid them in the first place: carry a piece of soft cloth (like for washing glasses) and clean off every lens before and after you use them. You can also use the cleaning feature of your DSLR to wash the sensor, if it has such a feature.
comment Style with dim background, warmer tones and subject being almost the only light-emitter?
Are you asking how to achieve this?
comment Take a photo and print it to show approximate view of a human from a distance?
If @niki he has a Nikon D50, he doesn't have a full frame, and the equivalent of a 50mm in his case would thus be a 35mm.
comment What is back-focusing?
@Guffa : heads up, your image yields a 404, you should update it or delete it. Thanks!
comment Is GPU or CPU more important for Photoshop and Lightroom?
+1 for the SSD. I'm a software engineer, I use/update/tweak my computer configuration a lot. In the past years, the most improvement I've gotten (and the best bang for the buck) is to buy an SSD. If you can't afford a large one (my 1st was only 40gb), put your pictures on an external hard drive, but leave your Lightroom catalog on your SSD.
comment What b&w fiber paper has the most detail in zones VII-IX?
Correct! I looked it up. Kodak Polycontrast RC Papers were to be used along Kodak Polycontrast filters, which are the equivalent of Ilford Multigrade Papers and Filters, both their own version of variable contrast papers. And according to Wikipedia, these are still the most popular papers in use today.
comment What b&w fiber paper has the most detail in zones VII-IX?
When you say "polycontrast", I believe you are referring to variable contrast (VC) paper, also known as multigrade (mentioned by @jrista).
comment How can I make a Lightroom 5 smart collection for unedited images which also includes my work in progress?
Good advice. And just to help out anyone who follows your advice: use keyboard shortcuts to flag them (instead of clicking, as it's even faster).
comment How should I optimize photos for a web portfolio?
@Kristy : Could you mark this as the correct answer if this solved your problem ? Thanks.
comment How is color represented in RAW formats?
+1 for dropping some code. It's a nice insight.
comment What are some tips for shooting in low light?
"get as stable as possible" : that's what a lot of people don't get right usually. One more advice about how you stand : stand on both of legs firmly , and don't keep them together (i.e. open at least as wide as your hips)