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comment How do I get rights to pictures someone has taken of me?
The question of how to transfer the copyrights of the photos is interesting but particularly unrelated to keeping the photos from spreading around the internet. It won't matter who owns the copyright if they leak.
comment How do I move Apple Aperture-specific metadata to Adobe Lightroom?
When I import (move not add) the photos into Lightroom the path of the photo is the path into the Lightroom folder structure, the Aperture project path is lost.
comment How do I develop black and white negatives at home?
Note that if you only intended to get them scanned do so before you cut the roll into strips. Just roll the film up and place it in a zip lock bag. It's easier and sometimes even cheaper to get it scanned as a single roll and not strips.
comment What is the best way to auto crop bulk images?
This is a good solution but there are answers further down that actually provide the automation the OP was looking for.
comment How do I find out which Nikon film cameras will work with my newer G F-mount lens?
Does this mean it wont work on a full frame digital camera as well?