Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment Why are two pictures that are the same dimensions/dpi such different file sizes?
if you can quantify "small" (you must have some specification you are working towards) and what the purpose is, then you might receive some more file size optimization methods.
comment Are “Windows Photo Viewer” rotations lossless?
I think I understand you, but my point is that jpeg is a disk storage format and does not have any bearing on the quality of the transforms themselves. That is to say, though one often speaks of working with jpegs etc, while the file is displayed on screen and manipulated, it is not a jpeg.
comment Are “Windows Photo Viewer” rotations lossless?
Note that--as far as I know--a 90 degree rotation (and 180, 270) is lossless in and of itself because it is a swap of x and y coordinates (other angles require interpolation). So any lossyness attributed to the transform is from the recompression. You can avoid this recomputation by saving the transformed image in a lossless format, but that is clearly not part of your question, so I won't suggest it