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comment Any cameras move the sensor instead of lens elements for focus?
Wouldn't it allow for "macro mode" with any mounted lens if the sensor could be moved further apart from lens? I mean this as a hypothetical advantage, as the camera would need a deep well for the sensor to creep into.
comment How to use fixed power flash (strobes) units?
It was already mentioned in the original question that the distance from source to subject is a way of regulating light. The aim of the question is to learn aditional techniques.
comment What are some common uses for stacking in Lightroom?
+1 because stacking to avoid having to manually "deseelct" the originals of HDRs, Panoramas and externally edited images is a great value of the Stacking feature.
comment How can I crop a single layer in Photoshop?
Alternatively, you Select with marquee and press CTRL+J. Ps Will create a copy of the layer including ONLY the selected pixels. You can then hide or delete the original layer.
comment How were these “harsh light” photos of objects on a white background taken?
For your learning, first make a shot using only the main light. Not just in the camera, but analyze it on your computer and decide if fill light is needed and where it is needed. After that, take shots with fill light on different positions. This will help you learn to "read the light" and it will make it easier for you in the future to replicate lighting setups or create your own faster.
comment What causes barrel distortion?
@MattGrum: A FOV of close to but less than 180 deg. enough to see both vanishing points of a straight object if you are at a certain distance from it. So no, I´m not showing an FOV of more than 180°.
comment Do photographers see ambiguity in the color of the blue/black (gold/white) dress?
Forget for a moment the dress is blue. What would it take for a white and gold dress to look like that on a photograph? I think the blue in the image is too saturated, so it would take a blue light, a strongly cast one. That would also make yellow (gold) so dark to appear dark bronw. But such a stronly casted light would have spilled over nearby objects, and would be obvious. The other way would be a daylight source with a camera set to tungsten wb.
comment Is waist level photography with a digital camera practical?
This is uttterly genius! Making the block hollow opens up a whole world of accesory carrying possibilities, like, extra batteries or memory cards.
comment Is it okay to store a battery in its (unplugged) charger?
Have you tried searching for the specific charger's data sheet? I know it's not the same, but I have a AA/AAA battery charger that in the user manual clearly states that IT IS SAFE to store the charged batteries in the unplugged charger, and in my experience, there is no discernible difference in usage or charge retention whether batteries are stored on or off the charger. Of course, I'd apply this warrant only to that specific model.
comment Why use JPEG instead of RAW?
Great point about WB. I would say that it is extendable to Exposure as well, since RAW allows for bigger exposure adjustments in post than JPEG, one may tend to get slopier when recording in RAW.
comment Handicapped shooter needs remote view finder display
Try Helicon Remote. It's an app for tablets. I can perform autofocus and control amost every camera parameter. It requires a USB cable though. The only drawback is that the free app does not let you shoot in RAW, the pro version is supposed to.
comment How many pixels in a megapixel?
As far as I understand, it is not that THE SAME 4 pixels are interpolated but EACH PHOTOSITE is used 4 times to calculate the color value of the 4 neighbouring pixels in the final image. (exept the photosites in the border of the sensor).
comment How much should an amateur charge for a portrait session?
Guess the cost of rental of equipment + (minimum wage fee per hour * hours of shooting) is a more realistic formula. Assuming equipment is camera, lens, and computer to copy the jpeg files to a CD or DVD for a set of digital pictures with no editting and taken without any particular skill.
comment How much should an amateur charge for a portrait session?
@chills42: I think your example lacks a very important part of the pricing: Honoraries. All the things you listed are correct, but somebody else may have the same excat equipment and other costs, but the final product won't be the same. Your time and the preparation you've had that allows you to generate the output you do is what adds value to the product.
comment What is the best way to auto crop bulk images?
I'm almost sure that clutter, noise or similar in the "background" is actually the cause for the scanner software failing to auto-crop some of the images in the first place, thus almost any automatic tool for the task may face similar dificulties.
comment Exporting jpg files from Lightroom without develop adjustments
You can also use your camera´s raw development software, since Lightroom does not alter the RAW en any way (all the changes are stores in the catalog) then can can open the folder where your RAWs are using the software provided by the camera and just export without editing at all. (I know this works at least for Canon DPP and Olympus' sw.)
comment How do I get accurate color when taking a photo of an LED?
Add more light falling on the faceplate of the device being photographed (use a lamp or a flash), so the camera adjusts to a faster exposure. Part of the problem is that the led is too bright compared to the faceplate. Lis light can be gelled to use a white balance that renders a better color in the led.
comment What are the best and worst diffuser materials for DIY softbox/light tent?
To test my diffusers I shot right at them with the lowest ISO and a very closed aperture (Camera at one side, the source at the other). This lets me test for spread pattern. Also, I set white balance to daylight or flash, so I can detect balance shift. (similar test can be used for reflective diffuser)
comment Easy DIY photo paper?
Could you please replicate at least part of the article or include a brief? Remember links can break over time.
comment Is there any protection ring available for reversed lenses?
Judging from the answers, comments and even the duplicate questions, If you ever consider the DYI route, you need to sacrifice a body cap, a lens rear cap and two step rings or two filters and you get a complete lens reversal kit. Glue a body cap to a step ring to thread the lens, and glue a ring to a rear lens cap to allow threading a filter or a regular lens cap on the rear of the reversed lens.