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Studying Film and Screen. Budding cinematographer. Amateur photographer. Avid video producer. Professional scalawag.

comment Can using an old flash damage a new DSLR?
Awesome. Thanks mate. I've been using it fairly solidly for a few weeks with no issues so I assume that means it's all good.
comment How do I get rights to pictures someone has taken of me?
I don't think it's fair to say she's not ready to have 'sexy' photos taken just because she doesn't want them to go on the internet.
comment How are ‘stills’ lenses calibrated differently to ‘motion picture’ lenses?
Great answer. Thanks mate.
comment What safety precautions should I take when taking photos in the snow?
Thanks for the advice, mate. Not too worried about taking my 7D to the snow now. I'm sure I can take care of it :)
comment Mounted Shotgun Mic for a Canon EOS 7D?
Very good advice here. I didn't know Magic Lantern Firmware existed so thanks for that. I have however used the the Rode VideoMic and been very impressed with the results, even though there is a hissing from the dodgey sound card in the 7D. I also looked into getting an external mic, specifically the Zoom H4n: zoom.co.jp/english/products/h4n This will require you to sync the audio in post though. So it's not for everyone
comment Why does JPEG quality go up to twelve?
Hmm, actually just looking at it again it is quite clear that the colours are a little bit depper in the 12 than the 11. So I guess that negates my whole argument... University is for chumps!
comment Is there a noticable difference in sharpness between a 1.8 lens and a 2.8 of similar design?
Great answer - thank you. I hadn't thought about the resolution of video, definitely a valid point.
comment Is there a noticable difference in sharpness between a 1.8 lens and a 2.8 of similar design?
Thanks for the link and the info, mate. Very interesting.