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It started in high school, when I received an Olympus OM-1n for my birthday. I joined the Yearbook as a photographer (yes I was one of those guys), and helped build a darkroom. It was here that I really fell in love with photography: learning, through trial and error, such wonderful things as composure, exposure, depth of field, etc. Having bulk black and white film at my disposal, and free weekends in the darkroom, only accelerated my learning.

When I switched to color, the fun was over. Processing became complex, confusing and often lead to inconsistent results that were considered creative in black and white. Plus college and life in general ate away at spare time. While I still took photos, it was to record memorable events, not explore the craft.

When digital photography started getting comparable to film, I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel Xt, and with my computer, was instantly transported back to those bulk film/ darkroom days in high school. I could experiment with abandon, and color was no longer a mystery solved with unlimited patience, equipment and chemicals.

Seven years, several camera bodies and many lenses later, I have grown as a photographer, and mastered Lightroom and PS. But I love getting out and shooting landscapes, nature and travel photography, plus taking shots of my kids playing sports. Photography as a hobby is my preferred path.

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