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Software architect and developer, currently Director of Architecture at a Canadian software company in Toronto. I use a variety of technologies but at work it's generally C++, HTML, ASP (JScript), Flex, and SVG. For personal stuff, I tend to use PHP, C#, perl, and everything I use at work. :)

I've been designing and developing for well over a decade in the enterprise software market, first with IP billing, now with ticketing (no, not TicketMaster). I'm a classic case of a jack-of-all-trades, but my intuition is good and I pick up programming languages like a sponge picks up water.

I'm a moderator on Photography.SE and I'm an avid amateur photographer and especially enjoy nature and macro photography. I've also started getting into more studio oriented stuff, acquiring some lighting, background stands, and other gadgets for that purpose. My current weapon of choice is the Nikon D800. Check out my website for some of my photography DIY projects, some of which have been featured on the well-known DIY Photography site.

I'm now on 500px and you can see my portfolio that is in dire need of growth...

I'm also a moderator pro-tem on Pets.SE because I have a keen love and interest in animals. Over the years, I've had as companions dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, turtles, and budgies. As a result, I've learned a lot about caring and enjoying, sometimes the hard and sad way.

comment What setup/techniques is beaches.com using on their photos?
@anqphotography - Please move to using answers rather than comments. I tend to delete comments after a while... :)
comment Nikon D5100 : Whether to buy it or not?
Hi there, I want to encourage you to get involved here and ask questions, but we generally prefer not to have questions like this because they tend to be obsolete fairly quickly and the possible answers to this are very dependent on what kind of photography you want to do. I would suggest that you spend some time figuring that out and then exploring those topics here as that might help you to not only answer this question but also, potentially, lead you to ask more answerable ones in the future.
comment Is GoPro “Cam_Raw” a true RAW image format?
You'd be much better off asking this on our video oriented sister site.
comment Why is Nikon 13 mm f/5.6 (the Holy Grail) considered extreme?
The Nikon lens is basically known to be distortion free and also very rare, only 350 of them made.
comment How do I most efficiently reduce noise on images from my Olympus TG-3?
Post some samples from both if you can, though the settings would be really useful: shutter speed, ISO, and aperture at a minimum for both samples. I suspect that your ISO on the Olympus was much higher, thus introducing more noise.
comment Looking for sigma adaptor to canon EOS 550d
@MichaelClark - It was the links that threw me off... The question has been asked though.
comment Why I can See EXTRA info with the hex editor and not with an EXIF tool
As commented, the goal is determine alteration and it's not really what the title change indicated. In that event, it's a duplicate.
comment Which printer can print the largest PPI?
What's the problem you're actually trying to solve here?
comment Why does my camera turn off after taking 2 to 3 shots?
No problem, happy to help.
comment My laptop doesn't show Sd card, the camera says that it needs to be formated
This question is marginally on topic, but not really answerable by us. It's not directly an issue with the camera, so the simple answer is take it back.
comment How to know if a digital camera is doing anti-aliasing filtering?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about programming image manipulation software and not specifically about photography.
comment How to know if a digital camera is doing anti-aliasing filtering?
@AndyBlankertz - For Pentax, the anti-shake mechanism is on the sensor, they simply move it to emulate strengths of AA or turn it off.
comment How do I find the filter size for Sigma lenses?
Search for polarizer and/or filters on the site, you'll find a lot of information.
comment Low light photography with lens limitation
I would suggest reviewing What is the “exposure triangle”? to get an better understanding of exposure.
comment Why is a wacom better than mouse for retouching?
phlearn.com/use-wacom-tablet might help you past your initial issues...
comment Display ghost image of last photo in Live View (Canon)
More specifically, it's been locked because it has become a massive spam target with 13 attempts in the last day to edit to a spam post.
comment How do I choose between 24-70 f/4 and 24-105 f/4 Canon lens?
What do you mean by more advanced f-stops in this respect? I'm not really sure that this is answering the question.
comment What ruins undeveloped film?
Besides, odd handling and light leaks can make for some seriously interesting results. That alone can be worth the price of admission.
comment A3, A3+ printer for black and white photography for photographer (self-entrepreneur)
Product advice and/or opinion are both off topic close reasons I'm afraid. I deleted all the previous commentary and the edit, I would encourage people to keep it polite and avoid arguments/debate in comments or questions.
comment Figure photography - where to share photos?
They definitely allow nudes, it's basically a post your own porn site... Technically, though, it answers the question.